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Disney: 5 Best Quotes From Pixar’s Soul

Disney 5 Best Quotes From Pixars Soul

Disney Pixar’s Soul is a heartwarming and thoughtful story about passion, purpose, and philosophy. It is simply about finding what sparks your soul and sets your heart ablaze. The story’s plot is not complicated at all, but nonetheless, very engaging and encouraging.

Apart from the beautiful music and breathtaking animation, the lines of the characters are all on point. They just hit one right in the perfect spot. The movie’s message is easily conveyed through the dialogues. Here are some of the best lines from Disney Pixar’s Soul:

“And I Wanted To Learn How To Talk Like That. That’s When I Knew I Was Born To Play.”

Disney Pixar Soul

Music is the core theme of this Disney movie, more than its take on life beyond earth and the philosophy of it. It is a creative expression where people find their own harmony. Joe discovered what he wanted at an early age, and he held on to that dream until he was able to speak it without uttering a word.

It is a great representation of believing in the power of our dreams. More often than not, self-doubt kills more dreams than failure can. This quote is a good introduction to the movie’s plot.

“This Is Water. What I Want Is The Ocean.”

Disney Pixar Soul 2

After Joe accomplishes his dream of playing with Dorothea Williams, he felt a sudden lack of spark as if the experience did not fully convince him. He was left clueless on what to do next after achieving that goal.

That was when Dorothea tells him the story of a fish searching for the ocean. Life usually slips past everyone who tries to look for the ocean instead of acknowledging the water (or the forest instead of the trees).

“You Can’t Eat Dreams For Breakfast, Joey.”

Disney Pixar Soul 3

Joe’s mother is a very practical and grounded woman. She cares for her son so much and only wants the best for him, thus, encouraging Joe to pursue a steady career in teaching instead of playing for bands.

While his mother is just concerned about his future, Joe feels like she has not been supportive of his career choices. Her response to this sentiment totally makes sense, though.

“Lord Knows We Need More Teachers In This World.”

Disney Pixar Soul 4

His passion for teaching may not be as intense as his passion for playing music, but certainly, Joe has made a tremendous impact on both. Teachers inspire young people, and little did they know they were changing lives.

Joe may not realize it, but he is making an impact on his students – he just needed to be patient and find purpose in imparting his knowledge.

“Life Is Full Of Possibilities. You Just Need To Know Where To Look.”

Disney Pixar Soul 5

The movie revolves around appreciating the small things in life and making the best out of the time we have got. Joe learns that there are far more important things to prioritize than a career. This realization gave him another shot at life on earth and the inspiration to find beauty in the mundane.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.