‘Disney needs to buy the DCU’: DC Fans Outraged as James Gunn Reportedly Shutting Down Aquaman Franchise, Recasting Jason Momoa as Lobo

'Disney needs to buy the DCU': DC Fans Outraged as James Gunn Reportedly Shutting Down Aquaman Franchise, Recasting Jason Momoa as Lobo
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The DCU has always been about making one movie after the other, making sure each of them ends up with a huge fan base. Whether it is the OG Batman franchise or newer ones like Shazam!, fans love DCU for bringing their favorite comic book characters to life. One such fan-favorite franchise is Aquaman, featuring Jason Momoa.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman in the DCU.
Jason Momoa as Aquaman in the DCU.

Fans have grown to love the buffed-up dweller of Atlantis and are quite excited to see him return in the film’s sequel titled, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. However, in some probable bad news, it looks like the end of the franchise is approaching soon, as Jason Momoa is rumored to be leaving the role to play another fan-favorite comic book character, Lobo.

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Time to Say Goodbye to Aquaman?

Jason Momoa in Aquaman

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James Gunn and Peter Safran together took the reign of the DCU into their own hands. Fans believed that Gunn’s creative thinking would be exactly what the superhero universe needed for a transformation. However, that faith in him seems to be crumbling as he appears to be on a mission to erase the Snyderverse.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jason Momoa fronted Aquaman might not be a thing in the future. This comes along with the rumors that Wonder Woman 3 is going to get canceled and both Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck won’t fulfill their respective cameos in upcoming DCU films.


If the Aquaman rumor does turn out to be a reality, it wouldn’t mean that Momoa is completely out of the DC Universe. There’s a huge chance that the actor will continue his collaboration with DCU, but instead of playing Aquaman, he will play another character. According to some sources, Momoa will go on to lead another, new franchise, playing the character of Lobo, an intergalactic bounty hunter.

This rumor soon caught the attention of the fans and the reactions were quite mixed. While some weren’t happy with the idea, others thought that Momoa would make a perfect Lobo.



Lobo’s entry into the DCU might be a look into what the Gunn-Safran plan will look like. – more comic book characters, erasing the Snyderverse, and possibly a complete reboot of the universe. It’s intriguing what starting from scratch when the universe has already expanded to this extent will look like.

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Who is the Talked-About Lobo?

Lobo in DC Comics

Making his presence known, Lobo appeared in the DC comics in the 1980s. He belongs to the alien planet, Czarnia, and has an endless supply of physical strength. His strength is so immaculate that he is able to look Superman eye-to-eye in a fight. He is also blessed with super speed which leaves even The Flash coming in second place. Apart from this, he has regenerative powers, detection of enemies’ weaknesses, a heightened sense of smell, great intellect, and the ability to clone himself. Yikes. The guy certainly doesn’t come to play.

Momoa playing this anti-hero character would be a great treat to watch, especially since Lobo in Czarniac tongue means someone who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it. Playing the bad guy might suit Momoa, but is it worth it at the expense of Aquaman?

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will release in theatre on December 25, 2023.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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