Disturbing Elden Ring Theory Claims Alexander is Full of Crucible Knight Corpses

A user on Reddit has predicted how Iron Fist Alexander might be a crucible knight in the game of 'Elden Ring'.

Disturbing Elden Ring Theory Claims Alexander is Full of Crucible Knight Corpses


  • There are many interesting NPCs that the player comes across when they start their play through of 'Elden Ring'.
  • Iron Fist Alexander is one such NPC, whom we come across on several occasions as we progress on our journey.
  • A user on social media has speculated how he might be Godfrey's Crucible Knight in the game.
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In a traditional FromSoftware fashion, the player does not only get to experience humans but many other forms of living creatures, dragons, and demigods when they start their gameplay of the award-winning Elden Ring title.

One such NPC that the player stumbles across on their journey to become the Elden Lord is Iron Fist Alexander. He is a living jar that is found on several instances throughout The Lands Between, and a recent theory iceberg on Reddit reveals how he might have been a crucible night in the beginning.

Elden Ring theory Iceberg
Elden Ring theory Iceberg | Reddit

The iceberg, which gets more bizarre theories as it gets deeper, showcases in the lowest area how Alexander might have been a crucible knight initially. Some other theories included in this post are how Ensha might have been Gideon’s Puppet, or how Melina murdered Vykes Maiden, but we will be primarily focusing on Iron Fist Alexander.


Why Alexander Might Have Been A Crucible Knight In Elden Ring

For those who might not know, Crucible Knights were servants of none other than Godfrey, the first Elden Lord. They were exiled from The Lands Between along with Godfrey, but a few were left behind.

The user behind the theory on social media further explained in comments how Iron Fist Alexander might have been a crucible knight himself. We know the purpose of jars is to feed on fallen warriors so they can later get absorbed within the Erdtree.

Iron Fist Alexander
Iron Fist Alexander | Elden Ring

The user stated how Jars are supposed to absorb a part of the personality of the warriors they consume, and Alexander must have eaten the Crucible Knights left behind by Godrey ages ago. This is what must have given him his warrior personality and attitude, but it remains a speculation.


What Else Do We Know About Alexander And Other Warrior Jars In Elden Ring?

Living Jars, such as Alexander himself, hail from the hidden village of Jarburg, hidden in Liurnia of The Lakes. The Iron Fist warrior occasionally crosses paths with our character, often finding him in unexpected places.

Alexander can also be summoned as a cooperator against boss fights, notably in the fight against Radahn as well as the fight against the Fire Giant in the mountain tops. Defeating him would drop the Shard of Alexander, which is a talisman that increases attack power when equipped. A closer inspection of this talisman would reveal what seems to be the insides of warriors, further giving credit to the theory how this NPC might have been eating Crucible Knights and is full of them.

Shard of Alexander
Shard of Alexander | Elden Ring

Fans are hoping that we get to see more about the story of Warrior Jars in the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring. The extension is rumored to be released in late February, near the second-anniversary celebrations for the game.

Elden Ring is available to purchase on Steam.

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