“Do you have any other kinks?”: Jennifer Lawrence’s N*ked Fetish in Marvel Movies Will Cook Your Geese

Jennifer Lawrence recalled her bold transformation into Mystique which required the star to be painted n*ked every day for 8 hours.

"Do you have any other kinks?": Jennifer Lawrence's N*ked Fetish in Marvel Movies Will Cook Your Geese


  • Jennifer Lawrence spoke about many interesting details about her life and career in an interview for the promotions of 'No Hard Feelings'.
  • The Oscar winner recalled being painted n*ked for 8 hours everyday over a 5-month period for her role as Mystique in 'X-Men: First Class'.
  • Lawrence sportingly laughed along with her interviewer when asked if she had any other fetishes apart from this.
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In No Hard Feelings, Jennifer Lawrence tapped into her raunchy side in the 2023 s*x comedy that saw the star playing a cougar-like character. It was a role that was different and entertaining for the Oscar winner who is known for her intense performances on screen. In an interview during the promotions of the film, Lawrence opened up about many interesting details of her life including the worst date she had ever been on.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence in No Hard Feelings

In addition, the Silver Linings Playbook actor also spoke about certain roles that required a radical and alternative wardrobe. This included her Marvel gig in the X-Men series in which she played the character of the blue mutant, Mystique. This part required the star to be painted blue every single day while being n*ked.

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Jennifer Lawrence Was Painted N*de Everyday For 5 Months For This Role

It is common knowledge that certain Hollywood stars go above and beyond for the sake of their characters. Jennifer Lawrence was one celebrity who endured extreme conditions to physically transform into X-Men’s Mystique. The Oscar-winning actor admitted that she went through arduous preparation everyday for 5 months when she was subjected to 8 hours of makeup by a team of 7 women who would paint her n*ked for the role.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique

Appearing in an entertaining interview on the YouTube series Chicken Shop Dates, Lawrence discussed her s*x comedy No Hard Feelings before lightheartedly being put on the spot by host Amelia Dimoldenberg regarding her role as Mystique in the X-Men: First Class.

For the X-Men was it true that you had to be painted n*ked every day? Do you have any other kinks?”

Lawrence for her part, enjoyed the jibe and had a hearty laugh about it before admitting that she had no other kinks that she was aware of.


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Jennifer Lawrence Had ‘No Hard Feelings’ About Criticisms

Jennifer Lawrence’s  2023 s*x comedy No Hard Feelings saw the actor in a very different avatar that won her accolades for her talent and versatility. The film though, had mixed responses from different corners while also earning some backlash for the way certain sensitive themes were depicted and handled. Lawrence for her part, was prepared to face these criticisms as she felt that the nature of a s*x comedy automatically lent itself to oscillating opinions.

No Hard Feelings
Jennifer Lawrence was prepared for No Hard Feelings to be criticized

In an interview with Sky News in June during the promotions of the film, the star was clear about what the film was trying to convey, and believed that this kind of a narrative would not appeal to everyone’s interests and beliefs.


“I think it’s time for a good old-fashioned laugh and it really is hard to make a comedy where you’re not offending people. Everybody in some sense will be offended by this film — you’re welcome.”

Lawrence further elaborated on her stance and stated that No Hard Feelings found the right balance between taking entertaining and funny jibes at people and instances while also understanding the political correctness of right and wrong.


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