Doctor Strange 2 Cast: Is Tom Cruise Making his MCU Debut?

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The release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is barely a week away now. Besides all the havoc that will unfold in the film, MCU fans are now most interested in seeing if Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise will feature in the movie. Let’s have a look at what we know:


Will Tom Cruise Make his Debut with Doctor Strange 2:

Tom Cruise rumoured to play Iron Man variant in Doctor Strange 2.
American actor and producer: Tom Cruise.

It’s no longer a secret that the Mission: Impossible star was Marvel Studios’ first pick to play Tony Stark. According to the latest reports, this original casting may happen soon. There have been contradictory rumors concerning Cruise’s role in the film, with the most recent claiming that his supposed appearance was omitted from the final version of the sequel. Apparently, Tom’s presence was cut since it didn’t add anything to the story’s storyline. However, that particular story was soon disproved, without any confirmation if Tom is playing an Iron Man variation or not.

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How an actor other than RDJ can play Iron Man:

Tom Cruise rumoured to play Iron Man variant in Doctor Strange 2.
Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man.

Doctor Strange’s Multiverse of Madness revolutionizes what it means to have unlimited potential. An open Multiversal door, as seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home, allows anybody to enter through, irrespective of whether are part of Marvel Studios’ narrative. Not only does the premise allow for the introduction of legendary characters to the Marvel Universe, but also for alternative versions of existing MCU superheroes.

With its various incarnations of the God of Mischief, Loki summoned so many other versions of himself to life. While some Loki Variants kept Tom Hiddleston’s appearance, others portrayed the trickster in other ethnicities, sexes, and even species. Thus, we know that Doctor Strange 2 now has the potential to bring dream castings to life, thanks to previous precedent confirming that variants can be portrayed by the other actors.

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What could be Cruise’s role as ‘Superior Iron Man’:

Tom Cruise rumoured to play Iron Man variant in Doctor Strange 2.
Superior Iron Man from the comics.

Tony Stark will probably be among the six faces of the Multiverse’s secret organization, within what looks to be Marvel’s Illuminati headquarters. Doctor Strange is on trial by them for his “desecration of reality,” but the council may not agree on a suitable punishment. Superior Iron Man leans further towards the wicked side in the comics. This, paired with Tony Stark’s often hostile relationship with Stephen Strange, suggests that Superior Iron Man would favor harsh punishment. Cruise’s Iron Man has a lot of lasting power in the MCU as long as he gets out of Doctor Strange 2 alive.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits theaters on May 6.


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