Doctor Strange 2 Theory: Movie To Introduce Hidden WandaVision Villain As True Antagonist

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The trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has been a real head scratcher. It has been throwing the fans off the trail in multiple directions. One of the major questions every fan is having at the moment is who could be the real villain in the movie. This Doctor Strange 2 theory claims that the real antagonist in the film is not who everyone thinks it to be. The Doctor Strange 2 theory states the actual Multiverse of Madness villain has already been foreshadowed in WandaVision.


Prepare to have your minds blown because sh*t’s about to hit the fan.

The Many Villains Of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has hinted at so many big bad wolves already. Shuma-Gorath, who is a major enemy of the Sorcerer Supreme from the comic books, is claimed by a majority to be the real villain. Then there’s the evil Sorcerer Supreme variant from another reality. A darker and evil Doctor Stranger would be the perfect enemy for the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. Maybe this evil Strange succumbed to the dark temptations of dark entities and became the bad guy in his universe. Others claim the sequel would see the return of Dormammu who wants Earth to become a part of his dark dimension again. But all of these villains are mere lackies if you consider what this Doctor Strange 2 theory has to offer. the real villain had been hiding in plain sight.


Doctor Strange 2 Theory – The Trailer Is Fooling Us All With Fake Villains


Take this one on for size. Shuma-Gorath is a cosmic level threat on par with Dormammu. why would the trailer just go on to reveal the real antagonist throwing a bus at Doctor Strange. Tossing a vehicle at the Sorcerer Supreme’s way is a very weak attack. That is something that can never take him down. Marvel’s What If story arc has also shown Shuma-Gorath in weaker lighting. For all we know, he is hardly a major level threat in Multiverse of Madness.

Evil Strange

And that brings us to our next candidate. Evil Strange is the next most eligible candidate to be the bad guy. But there are some flaws in this theory. Many would agree that the shattered realities that we see in Multiverse of Madness are not Evil Strange’s doing. The evil Doctor Strange may have only come to exist because the real Strange messed up the Multiverse in No Way Home. In What if, Strange Supreme broke open the doors of dark magic and ended up becoming so powerful he collapsed the entire multiverse. The evil Strange is unlikely to be that What If variant but his character development may be somewhat connected.


Maybe this evil Strange is merely a harbinger of the things to come. Maybe it is the Prime Strange that breaks reality and evil Strange is just here to be either a henchman or a messenger. Dormammu may not even be in the movie because he has already appeared once in the first one. And that brings us to the actual bad guy that this Doctor Strange 2 theory claims is the real antagonist of Multiverse of Madness.

This Doctor Strange 2 Theory Claims This Villain Was Already In WandaVision

Chthon – God Of Dark Magic

There is a reason why Doctor Strange goes to Wanda for help. After the events of WandaVision, the Scarlet Witch has in her possession the Darkhold aka the Book of Sins. The Darkhold could be foreshadowing the eventual arrival of the Dark God – Chthon. A Lovecraftian monster of cosmic proportions, Chthon is the foremost authority on dark magic. The Scarlet Witch, who is a conduit for Chthon’s Chaos Magic and now possesses the Darkhold, is key to Prime Strange’s plans to restore reality.


The Darkhold houses powerful magic, written into it by chthon himself. And Wanda is already using Chaos Magic. This Doctor Strange 2 theory states the MCU is about to debut the arrival of Chthon. As reality folds and collapses on itself, another dark entity, much more powerful than Dormammu, may be making its way to Earth. Everything points that Chthon is the real bad guy. Shuma-Gorath is merely a distraction.



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