Doctor Strange 2 Writer on Why Adding Tobey Maguire Is a Bad Idea

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The Infinity War saga and the Endgame saga have opened up the Marvel Cinematic Universe to an all new phase. Doctor Strange 2 will explore the Multiverse concept, the second MCU movie after No way Home to do so. And there were rumors going around that Tobey Maguire will make his second MCU appearance in the film. We also have an official scoop confirming this rumor. But turns out, the Doctor Strange 2 writer has already said it’s a bad idea. He explains why adding too much of the Multiverse into a movie will only create unnecessary clutter.

Tobey Maguire in Doctor Strange 2
Tobey Maguire in Doctor Strange 2

Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi were the original Marvel progenitors. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy saw Tobey Maguire assume the role of the wall-crawling superhero fro three movies. Maguire has since become a common household name amongst superhero fan circles. Fans were excited when they heard Tobey Maguire is coming back to the MCU.

The Tobey Maguire in Doctor Strange 2 Rumors, Explained

Tobey Maguire Rumors - Are They True
Tobey Maguire Rumors – Are They True

There were rumors going around that Tobey Maguire will be coming back to the MCU. In Doctor Strange 2, as Strange and Wanda hop through the Multiverse, they will come across Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man from the Raimi-Verse. Tobey will help Doctor Strange defeat Evil Wanda but will die by the end of the film.

Spider-Man - Doctor Strange 2
Spider-Man – Doctor Strange 2

This would be an efficient way to end the Raimi-Verse and convince the fans to look forward for a new Spider-man in Tom Holland. Considering Raimi and Maguire are old pals and the latter has already appeared in No Way Home, Doctor Strange 2 being Tobey’s farewell movie did make some sense as a rumor/theory.

How Plausible Were The Tobey Maguire Doctor Strange 2 Rumors

Multiverse of Madness – Spider-Man

It was The DisInsider Show that first reported the rumor that Tobey is coming back once again. The podcast claimed Tobey will reprise his role as Spider-Man. Editor-In-Chief Skyler Shuler and Co-Editor-In-Chief Derek Cornell claimed the Sam raimi MCU film will be radical in many aspects:

“Obviously, [Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness] is going to be a f—ing game-changer. We thought No Way Home was going to be a game-changer, no, this will be the game-changer.”

Tobey Maguire In Multiverse Of Madness Makes No Sense

Doctor Strange 2 Fan Poster
Doctor Strange 2 Fan Poster by agtdesign

The @WGreatPowerBook, run by CinemaBlend’s Sean O’Connell, later clarified that Tobey will not be in Multiverse of Madness. His reasoning was pretty darn simple:


“For the longest time, STRANGE 2 was supposed to come about before #SpiderManNoWayHome. Including Tobey would have made no sense while scripting and filming.”

No Way Home - Tobey Maguire
No Way Home – Tobey Maguire

The logic make sense. Multiverse of Madness was being planned to be released before No Way Home. And Tobey’s surprise MCU debut came in the latter. Multiverse of Madness was never going to incorporate elements from MCU’s third Spider-Man movie in any fashion back then. Also Maguire’s Spider-Man coming in Doctor Strange 2 has zero value from a plot point perspective. There are mages and wizards flying around in the movie. Adding in a Spider-Man variant would have been just lazy writing.

Doctor Strange 2 Writer Says Incorporating Alternate Realities Is Difficult In MCU Now

Doctor strange 2 writer
Doctor Strange 2 writer Michael Waldron

In an interview with Gamesradar, Michael Waldron – Multiverse of Madness writer, reveals the real reason why the Tobey in doctor Strange 2 rumor will remain a rumor. Waldron claims the Multiverse concept is a double edged sword, both an “opportunity’ and a “trap”.

Doctor Strange 2 Illuminati
Doctor Strange 2 Illuminati

“The danger is you can expand your scope too wide, and you can actually reduce the stakes if you don’t make it personal as you go bigger and wider. But the opportunity in the multiverse is to have characters confront literal ‘What ifs?’ and alternate versions of themselves and perhaps others in their lives. It’s an interesting way to hold up a mirror to characters.”

Well we cannot agree more. Having too many cameos and alternate reality variants of heroes could take away from the stakes and the larger story arc. This would dilute the big picture and that is probably why Sam Raimi is avoiding adding in his old buddy in his MCU directorial debut.

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