Doctor Warns Kanye West About His Titanium Teeth, Makes a Concerning Prediction For the Rap Legend

Kanye West's new titanium teeth might put him at great health risk.

Doctor Warns Kanye West About His Titanium Teeth, Makes a Concerning Prediction For the Rap Legend


  • Kanye West recently had his teeth removed to attach $850,000 worth of titanium dentures.
  • Dentists predict he will suffer from bacterial infections that will become a detrimental health concern.
  • The dental surgery might also affect his career as he will have a difficult time speaking or singing.
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Kanye West’s latest way of grabbing everyone’s attention cost him $850,000, and it seems he’s now regretting it. The rapper reportedly had all of his teeth removed in order to acquire a set of titanium ones. Dentists believe he will soon contract bacterial infections, and it will become a detrimental oral health concern.

kanye west
Kanye West

The surgery renders West unable to chew his food using the permanent silver-colored dentures. As to the reason why he made such a luxurious purchase remains unknown.

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Dentist Reacts To Kanye West’s New Titanium Teeth

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Daniel Rubinshtein shared his opinions to Mirror UK regarding Kanye West’s latest flashy smile. The doctor weighed in on the downside of having titanium teeth.

Based on the photos the titanium dentures that Kanye received, he won’t have the ability to properly chew his food and because he doesn’t have an actual bite.”

Furthermore, he explained that the dentures would eventually damage West’s temporomandibular joint or the one that holds the skull and the lower jaw. This will also lead to nasty bacterial infections, and he would never recommend such an operation to anyone.

I do whatever it takes to save every single tooth. To pull teeth out for a trendy procedure is irreversible and will forever affect your life. Dentures are not comfortable, hard to eat, and always get food stuck underneath.”

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kanye west titanium teeth
Kanye West’s titanium teeth

West’s new teeth are completely non-removable, also known as fixed prosthodontics. It is actually a never-been-done experimental procedure in the field of dentistry which the rapper took part in. An insider from Page Six commented:

They are, as the name suggests, fixed and permanent. This goes way beyond veneers or grills. And his particular implant is quite unlike anything that has been done before.”

The dental work was West’s idea, and he had the help of celebrity dentist Dr. Thomas Connelly to design one for him. Interestingly, the silver dentures are made of palladium and platinum materials, and it was inspired by a villain character from the James Bond franchise.

Dr. Rubinshtein said West should have just gone for veneers instead, but at this point, it seems too late now.


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Kanye West’s New Dentures Might Put Him At A Perilous Health Risk

kanye west 2
Kanye West

Australian dentist Dr. Sam Koh explained further via Daily Mail the repercussions of Kanye West’s acquisition of titanium teeth. Oral hygiene might become a challenge now for the 46-year-old rapper.

Microscopically, there will be a lot of food, bacteria, and debris getting underneath the titanium, which can then cause a lot of bad breath, sensitivity, tooth decay, and gum issues such as disease and infection if the titanium is there long term.”

Moreover, the remaining natural teeth could possibly shift over time, and this might affect the adhesive that holds the titanium in place, hence more chances of bacteria dispersion.


This would then result in either the bridge coming loose over time, or much worse, dental decay, infection, and disease with the bacteria able to then get inside the teeth.”

Not only will his health be of great concern, but his career might tremendously suffer as well. The dentist predicts West will have a rather uncomfortable time speaking, singing, or making facial expressions.

Cosmetically they also appear rather bulky and could change his facial appearance and soft tissue structure and would also impact how he talks, sings, and raps.”

This is not the first time West made dramatic dental surgeries as he has previously shown off the sparkling diamond and gold implants used to replace the entire bottom row of his teeth. That procedure forced him to pay his dentist regular visits to maintain his bling, which probably goes the same with his new titanium dentures.

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