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“That’s a really sh-tty position to be in”: Julia Fox Felt “Humiliated” After Being Treated Like a Pawn By Ex-Boyfriend Kanye West in a Revenge Mission

Julia Fox leaves everything to karma.

“That’s a really sh-tty position to be in”: Julia Fox Felt “Humiliated” After Being Treated Like a Pawn By Ex-Boyfriend Kanye West in a Revenge Mission


  • Julia Fox talks about her split from rapper Kanye West.
  • The model thinks she was only used to get back at Kim Kardashian.
  • Fox believes the power of karma will take care of everything.

Julia Fox is still healing from her split with Kanye West, now called Ye, who she accused of using her to get back at the rapper’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. It was full-blown news when photos of them hanging out circulated online, but it was something behind the glitz and glamor that traumatized the model.

Julia Fox
Julia Fox

After dealing with abusive men throughout her life, Fox once again got entrapped in the hands of another guy who would only take advantage of her. The Uncut Gems star unpacks all of her stories and feelings in her memoir.

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Julia Fox Unveils Her Emotions After Split From Kanye West

Let’s start with how Julia Fox met Kanye West. After the actress starred in No Sudden Move (2021), her fame started to grow, and it reached the radar of the rapper, who made the move to ask about Fox and arrange a phone call with her. According to the model, the guy “talks for hours” while she mostly listens.

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The rapper invited Fox to meet him in Miami for New Year’s Eve, but she declined because her baby from her past relationship with Peter Artemiev was barely a year old. The most natural thing that Ye did was to pick her up in a private jet. Fox went with her friends, and five days later, they were hired by the rapper to become her stylists.

Kanye West and Julia Fox
Kanye West and Julia Fox

In the month they dated, Ye was notably harassing his ex-wife Kim Kardashian on social media. When Fox and Ye would meet each other, her stylists had to prepare her in the fashion most pleasing for Ye. She appeared on tabloids and social media in the most gorgeous appearance. As the model gets carried by her then-boyfriend’s fame, she was also drowning in his narcissism. In her book, Down the Drain, Fox thought (via The Guardian):

I went into it with good intentions and feeling all this could be real, and it could be amazing, and he could open so many doors.”

Ye started to forbid Fox from bringing her friends when they travel, and he soon stopped answering her calls. After the rapper’s assistant told her he was on a “month-long phone break,” they ultimately broke up. Fox realized:


…being used as a pawn in this grand master plan to get back at his ex-wife. That’s humiliating. That’s a really sh-tty position to be in.”

If it wasn’t for her baby, Fox would not know how to recover and pull herself back to reality.

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Julia Fox Believes Karma Will Take Care Of The Rest

Julia Fox and Kanye West
Julia Fox and Kanye West

Julia Fox dismissed the rumors that she only became famous because she dated Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband. The PVT Chat star said (via The Guardian):

A lot of people were like, oh, she’s only famous because of Ye. It’s like, no, I’ve been around, and I’ve been in a full f—king movie, and I did a lot of things before that, too. It’s that you’re just hearing about me now. That relationship doesn’t define me. It’s one little blip.”

Fox’s life has been a wild ride dealing with abusive partners, and a lot of her trauma was rooted in her childhood. But instead of seeking professional help, she chooses to brush it off:

I could go to therapy and unpack it, but I don’t have the time to do that. I’d rather just swear off ’em. I just brush everything off.”

In the end, Fox leaves everything to karma. She concluded:

I can be very spiteful and vengeful. I love getting a good revenge, it makes me salivate. But I also have the wisdom to know: don’t do anything, it’ll do it on its own. Shitty people will get what’s coming to them.”

Fox pointed out how she never dared ask the authorities for help after all the abuse she faced from past relationships because of what happened to Amber Heard’s domestic abuse case.

Source: The Guardian

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