“Does this have to be our new personality?”: Ryan Gosling Has a Hilarious Reply to How Relatable His Ken was in Barbie

Ryan Gosling thinks Ken can indeed be his third internet personality after his roles in Drive and Blade Runner 2049.

“Does this have to be our new personality?”: Ryan Gosling Has a Hilarious Reply to How Relatable His Ken was in Barbie


  • Ryan Gosling's popularity in memes and modern pop-culture, makes him one of the most known faces in Hollywood.
  • Alongside his characters in Drive and Blade Runner 2049, Ken ended up making some real noise on the internet following the release of his viral photos.
  • When as fan asked him about whether Ken can be considered his third personality that men can now resonate with, he expressed that it could be like a neapolitan ice cream with three shades.
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Ryan Gosling is possibly one of modern pop culture’s most iconic figures owing to the range of roles he played as well as his presence in meme culture across various social media platforms. Having started as a child actor in the 90s, Gosling got a big break and became a known face in Hollywood through the romantic drama, The Notebook, in which he starred alongside Rachel McAdams. However, his movies that came much later, including Drive, Blade Runner 2049, and La La Land, made him an iconic celebrity on the internet.

Ryan Gosling in a still from Drive
Ryan Gosling in Drive

Among other merits, Ryan Gosling is widely appreciated for his presence on late-night shows and his spontaneity in interviews and fan interactions. With a wide number of such fun interactions with Gosling doing the round on the internet, the actor’s fun take on the idea of Ken and what that means for his social media presence became pretty popular with a clip from one of his audience interactions.

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The internet’s long affair with Ryan Gosling and the roles he plays


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The popular “Ryan Gosling is literally me,” meme featuring Gosling has consistently been all over the internet for a long time now. Most often, these memes feature the actor from the movie Drive or Blade Runner 2049 because of the distinct personalities that both the characters rock and the odd behavior that is more common than not. There has also been a relatability that men found in these characters, making the joke almost one that comments on masculinity.

The storm that the viral pictures of Ken from Barbie created, however, cannot be undermined. The internet was shaken by the stills that showed Gosling in a look that he had never seen before. Although the pictures gave off a contrary vibe to the other popular Ryan Gosling images, they managed to excite fans and create anticipation around the character and the film.

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What does Ryan Gosling have to say about the latest addition to his list of personalities?

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling As Ken

When a certain fan asked him if this personality can be seen as the third one in the series of Ryan Gosling personalities with Drive and Blade Runner 2049 being the first two, Gosling seemed like he had given that a thought.

“Is Barbie the third film of the Ryan Gosling is my trilogy? So we’ve got these three personalities that a lot of guys resonate with, so is this the third?” the fan asked him as the crowd erupted in excitement about what kind of an answer the actor would give. It would be an understatement to say that they weren’t

“I remember when the first picture of Ken came out and someone was like, Oh No! Does this have to be our new personality?”


“It’s like Neopolitan ice cream. You’ve got all three flavors there,” the Barbie star explained after he expressed that he came across someone on the internet who was asking if this had to be their new personality. The actor is also previously known for having expressed his love for the character and how Ken grew to become a popular character for the term ‘Kenergy’ to be inspired by him, at Variety‘s Hitmakers event.

Ryan Gosling has been nominated for the Golden Globes 2024 in the category of Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture.


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