Donald Mustard, Epic Games’ Chief Creative Officer Has Announced Retirement

It’s the end of an era at Epic Games, as Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard has just confirmed that he will be retiring from the role this month. And after nearly 25 years in the gaming industry he has decided it’s time to close this chapter and be able to spend time with friends and family.

And the Fortnite veteran assured fans that the game was in good hands and that he’s looking forward to enjoying the game alongside fans as a player. He also hinted that there are ‘jaw dropping’ things being worked on by the team. So keep your eyes peeled for that news!

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End of an era for Epic Games

Epic Games
The Epic Games Chief Creative Officer is firmly focused on spending time with family and friends.

Looking at the message posted up on Social Media site Twitter/X by Mustard, it reads like this is him fully retiring from the industry, rather than the company itself to start a new project. And we can only wish him well for all the work that he’s put into the industry over the years.

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Indeed the man himself states that he’s ‘especially proud’ of being able to create and shape Fortnite and humbled to have been part of the team which is able to deliver ‘joy and delight’ to those in the Fortnite community. And since his appointment as Chief Creative Officer in 2016 he’s watched over as the game ahs went from strength to strength.

With a career that has seen work on Advent Rising, Undertow, Shadow Complex, Infinity Blade Trilogy and more recently, Fortnite, we have to admire the work that Donald Mustard has put in over the 25 years in the industry. And he signed off his message to the fans with the following;

“I’m excited to spend time with my wife and family and am forever grateful for @TimSweeneyEpicand the Epic Games family.” – @DonaldMustard

Epic Games
Fortnite is in good hands according to Donald Mustard

And following Mustard’s post on Social Media, unsurprisingly many fans have replied to his post thanking him for all his work over the years;

“Thank you for everything Donald Mustard!! I loved your idea of an epic and mysterious Fortnite story. Good luck your Next Chapter.” – @takumansaga

“I am even more heartbroken. Thank you for representing the Fortnite community and for all these incredible years that brought so much joy to all of us. Safe journey home.” – @alexmax_93

“Wasn’t expecting this. You guys have made a masterpiece through these years and created soooo many opportunities for an incredible amount of people. I will be forever thankful to this game. Good luck for the future Donald!” – @giovafncreative

Epic Games
Who will fill the void left by Donald Mustard’s retirement at Epic Games?

But what’s your thoughts on the latest news for Epic Games? Do you think that the company will miss Donald Mustard’s influence? Or are you simply grateful to the man for all the work he’s put in to making enjoyable games over the years. Get in touch, drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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