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“Don’t be surprised if he drops out too”: As Blade Reboot Loses Director Bassam Tariq, Fans Believe Mahershala Ali Might Be Next as Actor is Nearly 50

Blade Reboot Loses Director Bassam Tariq

Marvel’s awaited reboot for the Blade movie was finally picked up and was expected to begin production at the nearing end of 2022. That however would not be the case any longer as the movie finds itself with a director after the unexpected leaving of Bassam Tariq.

Blade FandomWire
Bassam Tariq, former director of Blade

The director states that his parting with Marvel was in much good terms and he cannot wait to see what the new director has to offer to the film. Although not much has been revealed about the movie on its own ever since its announcement in 2019, one thing for certain was that Mahershala Ali was set to play the lead.

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The Initial Problems Faced By Blade

Blade in itself had to face a lot of issues just in the starting process of its production. Sources claimed that Mahershala Ali himself grew frustrated of the production process with the script being merely 90 pages long. The action sequences too are lackluster and only two in number. Considering Mahershala Ali‘s age, the actor cannot perform action sequences with as much agility. Being 48 years old, Ali can only perform a limited number of action scenes so to star in an action movie as the protagonist proves to be its own obstacle.
Blade - Mahershala Ali
Blade – Mahershala Ali
Kevin Feige is said to be ‘spread too thin‘. Now to see the director leave his role as well adds another hurdle in Blade’s production process. Keeping a movie revolving around a bloodthirsty vampire as PG is not an easy task to do either.

Blade In The Eyes Of The Fans

After the news became public, fans awaiting the movie took their thoughts to Twitter and expressed what they felt from learning about it. Conveying their concern about the future of the film, they commented on how the MCU taking in too many projects at once might not be prudent. Mahershala Ali’s age becomes a part of the concern as well with the same regard as to how hiring Idris Elba as James Bond might not be the best idea because of the difficulty in action sequences for an action-driven film.

Marvel’s Blade Movie

Blade losing its director may be an obstacle easily solvable as even with Jon Watts leaving the Fantastic Four movie, Matt Shakman then took his place. In the same way, someone too would show up to follow in Bassam Tariq‘s footsteps to direct the movie with his parting, with fans demanding John Wick director Chad Stahelski to step up to the occasion.

As of now the release date of Blade may be uncertain, but the planned release of the movie is scheduled for 3rd November 2023.

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Source: Twitter

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