“Don’t defend bad shows with race card”: Lance Reddick Claims Netflix’s Resident Evil Was Canceled Because of Haters and Trolls, Gets Blasted For Defending Mediocre Writing

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Netflix has declared a serious obsession with zombie apocalypse projects following its string of launches that include titles like Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, prequel Army of Thieves, the Korean drama, All of Us Are Dead, and now, the Resident Evil series. However, after a mediocre run on the streaming platform, the show failed to gather a good enough rating to warrant renewal for the second season.

Netflix's Resident Evil
Netflix’s Resident Evil

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Netflix Delivers a Paltry Adaptation of Resident Evil

A poor and tepid take on director Paul W.S. Anderson’s movies of the same name, Netflix’s Resident Evil fails to deliver the same thrill that actor Milla Jovovich had managed to bring to the screens. Adapted from the Capcom-owned Japanese video game franchise, the rights to the original action-horror movies were acquired in January 1998, and the first film of the series launched in 2002. Spanning the course of 14 years and 6 movies, the films are treasured as an understated cult favorite.

A still from the Netflix series, Resident Evil
A still from the Netflix series, Resident Evil

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However, the series which serves as an aftermath event of the films, and launches its individual take on the story of the new T-virus epidemic, was not received with the expected enthusiasm as its parent predecessor. Placed in the same timeline, the zombie apocalyptic-action series was awarded a paltry 55% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and fails to maintain a lasting impression on the viewers.

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Lance Reddick Speaks Out in Defense of Resident Evil

Actor Lance Reddick is described by the critique website Rotten Tomatoes as one who quickly rose through the ranks with a string of intense, yet diverse characters on some of television’s most respected series. And so, in a melee of passable acting, Reddick becomes the only one who stands out in this latest Netflix project. His character also holds additional value as Wesker had already met his demise in the canonical timeline and returns as a clone in the current one.

Lance Reddick
Lance Reddick speaks out against the cancelation of the Netflix show

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However, with the series now canceled, the actor voices his concern about the show becoming prey to racism stating, “The haters and the trolls notwithstanding, I want to give a special thank you to all the fans who watched the show.” Twitter, on the other hand, was steadfast in its opinion about the Netflix adaptation.



For now, commentaries on the show have been middling since the Netflix adaptation failed to gain any traction in the first place. With a limited viewership and Netflix’s subscriber count already dwindling, the streaming platform has been increasingly focused on delivering romcoms and teenage-focused dramas in its recent timeline. It’s not surprising that Resident Evil joins the side pile of numerous shows that failed to take off amongst the audience.


Resident Evil is now streaming on Netflix.

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