“Don’t do this”: Sydney Sweeney Took the Most Dangerous Risk with Her Car Purely for Fun

Sydney Sweeney Advised Her Fans Against Doing This One Thing That She Did with Her Car.

"Don't do this": Sydney Sweeney Took the Most Dangerous Risk with Her Car Purely for Fun


  • Sydney Sweeney once admitted to having taken this very dangerous risk with her car.
  • The 'Euphoria' star does not advise anyone to do what she did when she was in high school.
  • Sweeney has quite a few great projects lined up for release in the future.
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Sydney Sweeney is emerging as a prominent rising star in Hollywood, thanks to her incredible good looks and remarkable acting skills. After being shot to fame for her portrayal of Cassie Howard in HBO’s hit series Euphoria, Sweeney has been busy with new projects. 


With her growing popularity, Sweeney has also been a hit in her interviews. Her confident and bubbly personality is charming audiences just as her on-screen talents are. People tend to look up to stars in one way or another. But once revealing one risk Sweeney took, she urged the viewers to not do it.

Sydney Sweeney plays Julia Carpenter in Madame Web
Sydney Sweeney as Julia Carpenter in Madame Web

Sydney Sweeney Took One Big Risk In High School 

While fans eagerly await the next season of Euphoria, Sweeney has featured in a romantic comedy titled Anyone but You opposite Glen Powell. The film has been a great success. The Voyeurs actress has also managed to land herself a superhero project; Madame Web, in which she co-stars with Dakota Johnson.

Sydney Sweeney as Bea in Anyone But You
Sydney Sweeney as Bea in Anyone but You

While doing press for the film, Sweeney spoke candidly on the risky habit she had in her high school days, which she absolutely does not recommend. During the famous BuzzFeed Puppy Interview, Sweeney was asked about the scariest thing she has done just for the fun of it all. And after prefacing how strongly she doesn’t recommend doing it, the actress answered the question. 

Sweeney admitted to going car surfing with her best friends in high school. She said:

“When I was younger…I don’t recommend this guys..at all. Don’t do this. Don’t say that I told you to do this either. I used to drive with a couple of my best friends from high school and we would take my car and I would ride on top. I would go car surfing.”

Doing borderline dangerous and certainly stupid things in high school just for the fun of it is a shared human experience after all.


Sydney Sweeney’s Future Projects

Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard in Euphoria
Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard in Euphoria

Even as her latest release Madame Web has met with a lukewarm reception, the prospects for Sydney Sweeney don’t look half bad. She is filming for the third season of Euphoria and has a few releases lined up for later this year. A horror mystery titled Immaculate will be released in March in which Sweeney plays a nun who moves to an Italian countryside to discover her new home having unspeakable horrors. 

Furthermore, Sweeney will also feature in the Michael Pearce-directed thriller Echo Valley, which is currently in post-production. She is co-starring with Ana de Armas in Eden, which is another survival thriller.

Sweeney’s filmography as it is and what it’s shaping to be is a mosaic of genres. This is just a testament to how incredible an actress she is. She truly has a great career ahead of her.


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