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“Don’t get attached to everyone”: Margot Robbie Complained About Her Severe Attachment Issues That Leaves Her Broken Hearted After Every Film

Margot Robbie Complained About Her Severe Attachment Issues That Leaves Her Broken Hearted After Every Film

Although she was already super famous for her remarkable performance as Harley Quinn in movies from the DCU, Margot Robbie achieved a new level of fame and adoration from fans with her most recent live-action blockbuster, Barbie. Yet, despite being a spectacular actress with nearly every single one of her films being a superhit, the 33-year-old Australian actress faces a major issue during all of her movie shoots.

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie

This ‘issue’ is her extreme attachment issues. As it turns out, Robbie gets attached really easily to anyone and everyone and ends up with heartbreak almost every single time that her movies’ shootings get wrapped up.

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Margot Robbie Constantly Ends Up Heartbroken Because Of Her Extreme Attachment Issues

Margot Robbie from one of the film sets
Margot Robbie from one of the film sets

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While Margot Robbie’s on-screen famous character of Harley Quinn hardly has any weakness, the Barbie star, in real life, does. And that too a pretty severe one, for it leaves her heartbroken every time she wraps up shooting: This ‘weakness’ is her extreme attachment issue.

As it turns out, the Babylon actress gets attached to the people around her super quickly, thus, when she’s done with the filming, she finds herself tearing up just at the thought of leaving her fellow cast and crew. Talking on the Actors on Actors interview by Variety with Jake Gyllenhaal, she said:

“Every time I do a job, I tell myself before, I’m like, ‘Don’t get attached to everyone. You do this every time, and every time the job ends, you’re so upset and devastated. Don’t do it this time.'”

However, that hardly ever works, for Robbie just can’t stop herself from getting emotionally linked to the people around her, leaving her scared to let go.


“Then I harden myself to it. And then, like, two weeks in and I’m in love with everyone and we’re a big happy family and I never want it to end. I’m so scared of finishing because I don’t wanna leave everyone.”

But that doesn’t mean that she mixes her private life with her work: In fact, Margot Robbie deems it very important to keep her personal life and her business life detached from each other.

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How Margot Robbie Separates Her Personal Life From Her Business

Margot Robbie has little to no pictures in the public with her family
Margot Robbie has little to no pictures in the public with her family

During the same Actors on Actors interview by Variety, Gyllenhaal mentioned how Margot Robbie has always been super clear about keeping her personal life out of her work life. Admitting to this, The Suicide Squad actress said:

“My friends and my family and no one is connected to the business whatsoever. And I guess it’s bittersweet living outside of Australia because I miss everyone so much. But the fact that they are so removed from it helps me keep my life and my work separate even though they are intrinsically linked because all I want to do is work all the time. Honestly, I never complain, but I love it, I just want to be on set all the time.”

Despite loving to be on sets constantly, Robbie is still utterly grateful to have amazing people around her, both in her work life as well as her personal one. Continuing, she told Jake Gyllenhaal:

“I’m grateful that I have people around me, great people around me. Both my team in the business and my family and friends outside the business. So yeah, it’s a weird thing and it’s, you can never presume what it’s going to be like until you’re actually in it. But you adapt and be grateful for the things you have.” 

Yet, even though she works really hard to keep her private life and business life separate, Margot Robbie still can’t help but be genuinely attached emotionally to every single person she has ever worked with.

Source: Actors on Actors interview by Variety

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