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“Don’t just perform, fail”: John Cena Wants WWE Rival Austin Theory To Suffer “85 Succotash Moments” After He Defeated Cena In WrestleMania 39

"Don't just perform, fail": John Cena Wants WWE Rival Austin Theory To Suffer "85 Succotash Moments" After He Defeated Cena In WrestleMania 39

John Cena has made a name for himself in the film industry. But before that, he has always been a professional wrestler. Counted among the greatest wrestlers of all time with the most world championship reigns, John Cena is currently signed with WWE.

John Cena wants Austin Theory to fail
John Cena wants Austin Theory to fail

Recently in WrestleMania 39, he went head-to-head with Austin Theory. Before they went on the WrestleMania 39 opener, Cena seems to have had a private conversation with him, comparing the young American wrestler to Roman Reigns. In a recent interview with Sam Roberts, John Cena revealed the details of the conversation.

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John Cena Wants Rival Austin Theory To Fail

Cena went head-to-head with Theory on WrestleMania 39
Cena went head-to-head with Theory on WrestleMania 39

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The Fast X star lost to Austin Theory, losing the United States Championship title at the recently held WWE WrestleMania 39. While Cena was as fierce as ever, a ref bump led Theory to unleash a big blow leading to his win.

Before the match began, Cena talked to Theory privately, discussing what could go on through their big fight. Still believing in everything he told the young American wrestler, Cena recalled what he had said to Theory before their fight.

“I was really trying to hammer this home with Theory. It took Roman 10 years, eight years at the top, pushed for eight years for the lightbulb to go off and be like, ‘I”m doing it my way. I will work with who they say, I will hit my times, but I’m going to be who I really am.’ When I talk to somebody like Theory, who has stars in his eyes and at 25 thinks he’s got a long road in front of him. You really need to start now, failing. Don’t just perform, fail, like a lot and then one day you’ll get it. You need to have like 85 suffering succotash moments.”

Comparing Theory to Roman Reigns, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, John Cena said Theory has everything to become as legendary as Reigns but he still had a lot to go through to achieve it.


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John Cena Deems Theory As Easy To Work With

Cena calls Theory easy to work with
Cena calls Theory easy to work with

Despite the loss to Austin Theory, John Cena called him great as well as pretty easy to work with. Calling Theory a WWE executive’s dream, he said,

“Austin is great and easy to work with and we wrote that together. He was in every step of the process. Fans can see through the BS if you don’t believe in your character. It’s what I said to Austin Theory, ‘Dude, you are young, you are athletic, you will work for this company, you’ll do interviews, you’ll go X, Y, and Z, I don’t believe what you do when you’re out there, I don’t.”

Continuing on Cena said the reason he came back was because he didn’t believe Theory was capable of carrying on the WrestleMania promo himself. While some called it tough love, fans can’t figure out whether Cena meant to hurt or help the young wrestler.

It would be interesting to see whether Cena’s predictions would come true or not. For now, Theory seems to be doing a pretty good job and would soon be in the ring against Sheamus on Smackdown.

Source: Notsam Wrestling Podcast

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