“Don’t read the comic books”: James Gunn Claims He Hasn’t Repeated Kevin Feige’s Major Blunder Despite Preventing John Cena from Reading Peacemaker

James Gunn is not making the Kevin Feige's blunder but his approach also match Feige in one aspect involving John Cena.

“Don’t read the comic books”: James Gunn Claims He Hasn’t Repeated Kevin Feige’s Major Blunder Despite Preventing John Cena from Reading Peacemaker


  • Marvel boss Kevin Feige reportedly told some MCU talent not to read the comics.
  • DC boss James Gunn has a different approach as he claimed that every talents are required to read comics.
  • Gunn's claim contradicts John Cena's previous comment on preparing his 'Peacemaker' role as the DC boss asked him not to read the comics.
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James Gunn and Kevin Feige have their own way of running things. Gunn and Feige share an immense friendship due to Gunn’s MCU tenure as the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy. But Gunn was later appointed as co-CEO of MCU rival, DC Studios, alongside producer Peter Safran.

James Gunn and Kevin Feige
James Gunn and Kevin Feige. Image: Anthony Quintano/CC | Gage Skidmore/CC

Certainly, it was a move by Warner Brothers to save DC, and Gunn immediately announced revamping the very landscape of the studio. As Feige has been running MCU since 2007, his approach to managing his talents is different than Gunn’s. Now, Gunn claimed a classic method of preparing new talent has been a requirement despite doing the polar opposite of John Cena’s Peacemaker.

James Gunn Claimed He’s Not Repeating Kevin Feige’s MCU Mistake

James Gunn
James Gunn. Image: Gage Skidmore/CC

As per recent reports, it came to light that Marvel boss Kevin Feige told some MCU talent not to read the original comics. It was a weird move, but Feige must have his point. Regardless, the news of Feige preventing stars from reading comics has created a shockwave among fans. However, Feige has not commented on the news as of yet.


James Gunn’s approach to reading the original comics is different. “I consider whatever I’m reading “true” in the moment I’m reading it!” he wrote on Threads.

“As for canon, I’m not in charge of mainstream DC Comics continuity – just that of the DCU (which will intersect & sway away & intersect again etc with DC comics). These characters are all myths & I really enjoy the variations on them – especially when the artists understand the core of what I believe makes a character great & understands their history while offering a new spin. DCComics.”

When a user named Durrell Randle asked the DC boss if all the DC talents are obligated to read comic books before hopping into their designated roles, Gunn responded, So far I have yeah.” However, his recent statement is the direct contrast to how he handled John Cena’s Peacemaker.

James Gunn’s One Subtle Demand For John Cena

John Cena as Peacemaker
John Cena as Peacemaker

With Cena, Gunn was clear about creating a Max show based on Peacemaker. Gunn brought the essence of the character with his approach blending with the charismatic prowess of Cena on screen. It was a huge hit on the streamer. However, Cena had a different experience preparing for the role. Speaking with GQ, Cena candidly explained how Gunn prevented him from reading the comics.


“In doing my research, James told me, ‘Don’t read the comic books. Read the script. This is a comic book persona that has a bunch of existences out there from different people putting out comics about Peacemaker. So I’m just gonna make my own thing.’”

It was a clear contrast to Gunn’s recent comment on Threads. But in his defense, in comics, Peacemaker had lesser significance before the DC boss popularized the character. Perhaps Gunn believed the minimal comic book iteration of the character could confuse the actor. In that case, the script was the most reliable reference for the Peacemaker actor.

Peacemaker is currently streaming on Max.


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