“Don’t tell anyone, this is a secret”: Melissa Benoist Breaks Silence on Returning as Supergirl in James Gunn’s DCU Speculations

Melissa Benoist Breaks Silence on Returning as Supergirl in James Gunn's DCU Speculations

The interconnected DC/CW universe, better known by longtime fans as the Arrowverse, was truly an unstoppable cornerstone of superhero network television in the 2010s when it was at its peak. Even if the Arrowverse may be all over, there are reports circulating that Melissa Benoist may be interested in returning to Supergirl.

Melissa Benoist Supergirl
Melissa Benoist Supergirl

There are still more stories to be told for the titular Girl of Steel, even though Supergirl has already completed its six-season run on The CW. For her portrayal of Kara Danvers throughout the entire six seasons, Melissa Benoist received a few accolades.

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Is Melissa Benoist Returning as Supergirl?

Although Melissa Benoist’s return as the beloved superhero would undoubtedly please fans, she might not be the same Kara Danvers that viewers have grown accustomed to over the past six years. “It would not be the Supergirl from the Arrowverse,” series co-creator and showrunner Todd Helbing told listeners.

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It would be our version so we would invent a new back story for her, the same way that we did with Lucy Lane, General Lane, and John Diggle.” Even if Melissa Benoist may have a similar look, her inclusion would have a completely different story, he continued.

Amidst all these, Benoist expressed her genuine love for portraying the character, and the show, and even teased the possibility of playing the role again while wishing a fan of hers a happy birthday via a video greeting from her Cameo page!

So happy to hear that you’re a fan of the show and my character. I love playing [Supergirl.] That’s so cool you grew up watching the shows. They were really really fun to work on.”

Melissa Benoist
Melissa Benoist

“Who knows if I may put on the suit again? We’ll see. I have one that I sneakily took when we ended the show. Don’t tell anyone. This is a secret. A big one, actually. But yeah, I do have a suit in my attic, and I would love to play the character again. We’ll see what happens.”

There is always a possibility, especially with James Gunn as the new CEO of DC Studios!

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Why did Melissa Benoist hang up Her Supergirl Cape?

Melissa Benoist will surely be remembered as the Supergirl of a certain generation in the annals of superhero history. Her involvement in the role has gotten positive reviews. The actress, according to sources, would like to “distance herself from the Arrowverse to avoid being typecast.”

It is common for an actor to feel the want to expand out and try to take roles that might not fit in with the audience’s notions after playing the role for six years and becoming deeply attached to it.

I mean, six years. You spend a lot of time with the crew, more than you do with your loved ones, a lot of times,” Benoist said of working on the show during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Melissa Benoist
Melissa Benoist

Benoist told Entertainment Weekly that it felt fitting to end Kara Danvers’ story at the time they did after Supergirl‘s final season of filming wrapped up in August 2021.

I don’t know if I was ready to say goodbye to the characters … I definitely will miss playing the role, but I was ready for a break, personally.

Melissa Benoist made a lasting imprint on the character of Supergirl. Even if she never dons the cape again, the memory of her performance will last for a very long time.

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