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‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ Singer Solange Knowles Seemingly Confirms Bill Murray Grabbed Her By the Hair, Yanked Her During 2016 SNL Performance

Bill Murray had grabbed Solange Knowles' hair in 2016.

Solange Knowles reportedly confirmed rumors from about 6 years ago according to which, Bill Murray had indeed grabbed her hair after an SNL performance back in 2016. Although Bill Murray has been known to be at the epicenter of various controversies, this recent revelation still made many of the singer’s fans furious.

Solange Knowles
Solange Knowles

Just recently, this news made it to Twitter as Judnick Mayard posted about it, claiming she witnessed the entire situation unfold in firsthand in front of her. And Solange Knowles seems to have confirmed the same as she liked both tweets about the topic.

Bill Murray grabbed Solange Knowles’ hair back in 2016

On November 5, 2016, Solange Knowles appeared as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live. The episode was hosted by the British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch and also included yet another guest appearance, that of the renowned Bill Murray.

Knowles performed two beautiful numbers during the episode, Cranes in the Sky and Don’t Touch My Hair, and various rumors about the latter had made their way to social media, claiming that the song was referring to Bill Murray.

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Bill Murray
Bill Murray

But recently, Judnick Mayard, a screenwriter, and producer, clarified some things related to Knowles’ SNL performance at that time. She said that the song wasn’t about Murray at all and how the Lost in Translation actor had apparently grabbed the singer’s hair after she was done with her performance.

The Caddyshack actor had been forcefully trying to tug at the artist’s hair, trying to see whether or not it was real, which was a huge insult in itself.

Judnick Mayard talked about “the audacity of whiteness” 

As she recalled the events from that night, Mayard mentioned how the American actor and comedian had deliberately grabbed the 36-year-old songwriter’s hair in 2016 after her SNL performance.

Mayard even saw him doing that as she remarked how he had “put both his hands into Solange’s scalp after asking her three times if her hair was a wig or not.” She tweeted this to remind her fans how the situation had taken place in reality.

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time travel comedies like the adam project
Bill Murray in Groundhog Day

She also cleared up the notion that the Life Is But a Dream star hadn’t performed Don’t Touch My Hair because of Murray. “She had just finished performing the song on SNL when he did it,” Mayard remembered, implying the Ghostbusters actor’s aggressiveness. “That’s the audacity of whiteness.” And Knowles seems to have liked both these tweets, thereby seemingly confirming that it in fact is true.

Bill Murray has been involved in a multitude of scandals wherein he has been accused of highly inappropriate and unprofessional behavior, with many co-stars and actors coming forward to talk about the same after working with the 72-year-old.

From feuds and conflicts to various other controversies, Murray’s reputation has often been tainted due to the things he has gotten himself into and he is also referred to as someone who is extremely “difficult to work with.” 

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