‘Don’t Worry About It, Focus on the Story’: Ms. Marvel Directors Claim Kevin Feige Told Them to Ignore the Thanos Snap While Making the Show

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Even with Marvel reaching its phase 4, the Mad Titan Thanos remains as important as he was to the franchise during the Infinity Saga era. In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos had snapped away half of the universe with the snap of his fingers, and then again when they snapped back in Avengers: Endgame, fans began to have questions regarding the after of many Marvel characters.


Many of Marvel’s characters like Yelena Belova and Monica Rambeau have come back to life, including the confirmation of Chiwetel Ejiofor being alive from Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness. Recently Disney+ aired the sixth and final episode of Ms. Marvel, whose fate remained a mystery. The answers to Ms. Marvel’s questions have now been answered by the series’s director.

Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel

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The directors talk about the snap status

Kevin Feige talks about Ms. Marvel's snap status
Kevin Feige talks about Ms. Marvel’s snap status

The Direct had an interview with Ms. Marvel’s directing team, Billal Fallah and Adi El Arbi where they addressed whether Kamala Khan and her family were a victim of Thano’s finger snap and The Blip.

Both the directors said that the entire Khan family had survived The Blip. When Kevin Feige was asked about what happened this time he responded by saying, “Don’t worry about it. Focus on the story, focus just on that, don’t ask too many questions about other movies, other shows, and all that.”

He has always replied in that manner whenever he was asked about Marvel-related questions.


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Ms. Marvel’s character as the focus point

Ms Marvel Iman Vellani
Ms. Marvel Iman Vellani

Thano’s snap had been one of the biggest and most historic moments for every MCU character. This incident is particularly a big thing for Kamal Khan. As she is the biggest in-universe fan of all things Avengers and superheroes, which is portrayed by her youtube channel where she is seen re-imagining the battle from Avengers: Endgame.

Kamala Khan had her whole universe revolve around the Avengers, and her true love for them grew since her childhood. It was difficult for Kamala to get her family to understand her passion for the Avengers. None of her family members have missed five years of their lives, but that does not come in as too much shock. Kamala’s parents try to deviate her focus from the Avengers and ask her to concentrate on herself, which goes against Adi El Arbi and Billal Fallah’s real-world experience although Kevin Feige told them to center on Kamala’s character.


Kevin Feige is very secretive about his answers regarding Marvel. He wants the audience to put all their attention on Ms. Marvel. He wants Kamala Khan to shine in her own evolving story.

All six episodes of Ms. Marvel are now streaming on Disney+.

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