‘Maybe There’s a World Where She’s Inhuman’: Ms. Marvel Director Tries Calming Fans With Multiverse Theory After Finale Mutant Twist Disses on Inhumans


As Marvel’s youngest member of the superhero squad, Ms. Marvel is making quite the buzz around town. Incorporating cultures from the oldest civilization, bringing in dimensions extending beyond the multiverse, and creatures from the fabled bedtime stories are just some of the few aspects that make the miniseries an adorable, yet noteworthy addition to Marvel’s lore.

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Ms. Marvel
Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel

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With Iman Vellani steering the character of Kamala Khan and forever identifying the superhero with a quirky persona, a likable young hero is now in town. But apart from all of the main character arc and hero-rising storyline, there has been a digression from the comic book narrative which has created quite the ripple among the fans.

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Ms. Marvel Is Not an Inhuman in Earth-616

As the catalog of visions from Kevin Feige’s personal collection is yet to reveal itself, the only instruments left in the viewer’s armory are the subtly dropped easter eggs and references, and the comic book aficionados who are at it 24×7 to dissect and analyze every aspect of an episode to present theories of where the narrative is headed in the future.

Kamala Khan
Kamala Khan’s powers as Ms. Marvel

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Some of those theories include the formation of Young Avengers, the rise of Sinister Six, and even Kree “sleeper cells” waiting for the right moment to begin their invasion of planet Earth. But none of the theories could have predicted Ms. Marvel’s base origin story would be altered to change her lineage from that of an Inhuman to a mutant.

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Series Writers Come Up With Theories Amid Fan Backlash

In the aftermath of such a digression, the series writers and creators have come up with what seems a spur-of-the-moment whipped-up solution that serves no purpose other than to simply placate the chaotic fandom. In an interview with The Direct, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah address the issue.

“Well, you know, the thing is that, what’s happening nowadays with the Multiverse, everything is possible nowadays. There’s so many different parallel worlds and timelines where…maybe there’s a world where Kamala Khan is an Inhuman, and in there, she has the exact same powerset as in the comics, we just don’t know. That’s the only thing that we can say to the fans, but I mean, the possibilities are now unlimited, I would say.”

Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel
Kamala Khan is a mutant in the MCU storyline

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Even though the Inhumans have had an official entry point into the MCU narrative with Black Bolt’s introduction in the Earth-838 storyline in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, there is no definitive plan for the Inhumans to enter full-time as part of the MCU multiverse. And so, it remains to be seen where the new mutant arc in Kamala Khan’s story takes us in the future.

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