“Doomsday is out there still”: Henry Cavill’s Face Off With Superman’s Scariest Villain Will Never Come True After James Gunn Ends Snyderverse

James Gunn’s DCU Reboot from Snyderverse will make the Doomsday reintroduction plan unfulfilled

"Doomsday is out there still": Henry Cavill's Face Off With Superman's Scariest Villain Will Never Come True After James Gunn Ends Snyderverse


  • DCU Reboot is going to make fans miss out on the epic showdown between Superman and Doomsday
  • Snyderverse plans of reintroducing Doomsday remain unfulfilled.
  • Gunn’s choice of moving away from the grim world of Snyderverse leaves a lot of things unanswered.
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In the world of DC Extended Universe enthusiasts, the excitement of witnessing Henry Cavill’s Superman confront the menacing Doomsday was a thrilling notion. However, with the ongoing evolution of the cinematic world and the transformative influence of director James Gunn on the DCEU, it seems this showdown ultimately went unfulfilled.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

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Henry Cavill’s Confrontation With DC’s Most Fearsome Villain Remains Unfulfilled

For ardent fans of the DC Extended Universe, the enduring dream of witnessing Henry Cavill’s Superman confront one of the most imposing villains in the comic book universe, Doomsday, remains frustratingly unfulfilled.


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Viewers were introduced to a plethora of well-known heroes and villains within the three movies Zack Snyder managed to finish, especially when you take into account his director’s cut of Justice League. A creature like Doomsday was one among them. 

However, was this version the real Doomsday? We still don’t know. According to Snyder, Doomsday was a genetically engineered clone created by the evil Lex Luthor using General Zod’s remains. 


Nevertheless, via Screenrant previously a fan questioned whether the real Doomsday still hid in the shadows despite the action-packed showdown it provided. The writer responded, “Yes – the real Doomsday is out there still.”

Now, as James Gunn spearheads a new era in the DC universe, the 40-year-old Superman faces an uncertain future.

Gunn’s vision is steering away from the Snyderverse, and it appears that the dream clash between Cavill’s Superman and the genuine Doomsday may never see the light of day.


Yet, the question arises: Why did the 57-year-old conclude the Snyderverse, and how does it fit into the broader DCU reboot plans?

Incompatibility Between Snyderverse And DCU Reboot Plans

The DC Extended Universe stands as a continually evolving domain shaped by the unique imprints of various filmmakers.

James Gunn’s vision for the DC Universe has sparked a noticeable clash with the foundations laid by the Snyderverse. It was marked by one fundamental principle that highlights their incompatibility.

DC Extended Universe

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Over a decade, Snyder crafted a roadmap for the DCEU, striving to resonate with audiences through epic storytelling. However, with the transition to Gunn and Peter Safran’s leadership, a shift toward a more Marvel Cinematic Universe-like approach became evident.

Marvel’s narratives often focus on ordinary individuals becoming extraordinary, while DC portrays extraordinary beings as gods among men. This contrast speaks to why the MCU has enjoyed such audience appeal, thanks to its relatable main characters.


Snyder embraced the classical DC style, while Gunn opted for a more human-centered perspective. In an official statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Gunn, and Safran emphasized, 

“Our commitment to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Harley Quinn, and the rest of the DC stable of characters is only equaled by our commitment to the wonder of human possibility that these characters represent.” 

The harsher tone and lack of comedy in the Snyderverse have drawn criticism, which contrasts significantly with Marvel’s colorful and upbeat superhero approach.

The introduction of a lighter, more humorous tone by filmmakers like Gunn symbolizes a departure from Snyder’s choices, reflecting a broader shift in the DCEU’s creative direction.


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