“It felt completely wrong”: After Debunking Henry Cavill Hyperion Rumor, Loki Season 2 Also Shot Down a ‘Full-on Multiversal War’ Script

Henry Cavill's return to the DCU was not included in James Gunn's future plans for the brand.

"It felt completely wrong": After Debunking Henry Cavill Hyperion Rumor, Loki Season 2 Also Shot Down a 'Full-on Multiversal War' Script


  • Cavill has since moved on from DC and has many exciting projects lined up
  • Rumors of Cavill playing Hyperion in the Loki series were debunked by the actor himself
  • Marvel was initially planning to do a full-on multiversal war in Loki season 2 but was later scrapped
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Henry Cavill’s tenure in the DCU came at such a disappointing end. After fueling hopes for a bright and exciting comeback in the DCU after his appearance in Black Adam, all plans were scrapped. James Gunn is building his own DCU and Cavill is not included in any of his future plans for the brand. Cavill has since moved on from DC and has many exciting projects that he is immensely excited about that are coming up.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

After his DC exit, there were many rumors that Cavil would be playing Hyperion in the Loki series. But these exciting rumors were debunked by the actor himself. Now, another interesting plot point was also shut down by the makers of Loki season 2 because it didn’t feel earned as of yet.

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Marvel Was Planning a Full-On Multiversal War in Loki Season 2 But Was Later Scrapped

A still from Loki season 2
A still from Loki season 2

Before Loki season 2 came out, there were many theories and rumors regarding who could appear in the second season and where the plot would go. Many people believed that Henry Cavill was going to appear as Hyperion in the season but the actor himself debunked that rumor on The Happy Sad Confused Podcast.

Now, the executive producer of the series Kevin Wright has revealed that they were initially planning to do a full-on multiversal war in the season, But after a proper analysis, the idea was scrapped because they felt that putting such a big event was too soon in the narrative and the series has not earned that level of story yet. Wright told Den of Geek,

“In one version, we go full-on multiversal war, but even as we were saying that it felt completely wrong, jumping to something we haven’t earned yet. They just made a huge decision, so what’s happening at the TVA now? Is everyone in the TVA on board? Probably not for something as radical as this. What happens when the TVA starts finding out they are variants? If Loki can find Mobius, what is he going to tell him? All of this stuff will have bigger consequences for the MCU, but it’s our story, the story we started in season one.”

It would have been interesting to see such a huge consequence of the actions of the TVA in the second season. However, Wright has a logical reason for shutting that down. They first have to build enough story and characterization so that when they decide to do such a large-scale conflict, it feels earned and the stakes feel real and impactful. The second season seems to be doing just that and it is the right thing to do.


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Henry Cavill Is Doing Some Exciting Roles After His DC Exit

Henry Cavill in Argylle
Henry Cavill in Argylle

Henry Cavill’s next film is the Matthew Vaughn-directed spy action comedy film Argylle. As revealed by the trailer, Cavill’s character is a colorful spy created by Bryce Dallas Howard’s character who is a writer. Vaughn recently made an appearance at the New York Comic Con and revealed the inspirations behind Cavill’s character and the reinvention of the spy genre. He told ScreenRant,

“I said to Henry, Argylle is a mixture of Bond, Ivan Drago, because of Rocky 4, and just a bit of Superman spice. And he gets it. He was a delight and is a delight to work with and be with. Henry is one of the greatest, sweetest men. Well, without giving a lot of it away is difficult, but what I can say, and this will surprise people when I say this, Argylle is the ultimate movie.

So people are going to go in, and they’re expecting one thing, and they’re going to get a lot of what they’re expecting and hoping for, but they’re going to get a lot more bang for their buck, shall we say? We get away with the cake and eat it because I’m sort of shining a spotlight on some of the tropes that I’ve done before, and I’m reinventing them in a different manner, but they’re still there. So you get some of that anyway.”

Cavill is set to reunite with Guy Ritchie for a WWII action film The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. He will also do a third action thriller film with Ritchie which will also star Jake Gyllenhaal and Eiza González.


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