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Dr Disrespect’s DEADROP Unveils Car Combat and Racing Battles

The new car combat feature in DEADROP is unique and not at all conventional for an FPS game.

Dr Disrespect’s DEADROP Unveils Car Combat and Racing Battles


  • DEADROP is a new upcoming FPS game by Midnight Studio.
  • The Studio is headed by Dr. Disrespect, a popular American Streamer.
  • The game's latest pre-alpha build introduced Vehicle combat.

DEADROP is an upcoming PvPvE title by Midnight Studio. Famous Steamer Dr. Disrespect announced the AAA gaming studio Midnight Studio launch in 2021. The studio was headed by Dr Disrespect and Halo and CoD veterans Robert Bowling and Quinn DelHoyo.

The studio’s focus was player-versus-player multiplayer games. DEADROP is a new free-to-play first-person Vertical Extraction shooter. It is currently under development and is pre-alpha. To gain access to playing the game, one has to purchase the Game Access Pass or Driver Key. The game’s latest early development build, Snapshot VII, was released on October 20.

The latest Snapshot also features Car Combat, which is absent in many FPS titles.

Car Combat Featured in DEADROP Snapshot VII

DEADROP's latest Snapshot reveals Vehicle Combat to be featured in the game.
DEADROP‘s latest Snapshot reveals Vehicle Combat to be featured in the game.

The updates for the game were revealed in Las Vegas, NV. The event took place at the famous HyperX arena. The most notable inclusion in Snapshot VII was the Car Combat system and Racing battles, unveiled at the event. The game and its setting were complemented with various additions such as vehicle customization, character selection, et cetera.

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The game mode setting sees the player racing against opponents to reach a Sector within the Refiner State. A Refiner State is a structure built in the game’s setting to extract toxins from the Stratosphere.

The objective of the game mode is to prevent other players from reaching the Refiner State faster. The aim is to be the first one there. Players can fire from Pistols and submachine guns while inside a vehicle.

So, if one’s loadout doesn’t include these weapon types in DEADROP, they will be helpless against enemies. When one’s vehicle takes damage continuously, one can prevent one’s car from exploding using the extinguishing function.


Vehicle Boost is also included when you need to go faster to beat the enemy vehicle in the game.

The battle begins again once the player successfully enters the tower in DEADROP after fighting against a horde of enemies. So, the amount of gunplay in the game has now increased, with vehicular combat as a preliminary stage of the proceedings.

For a player to experience DEADROP currently, a Game Access Pass or prior Tower Key Access Pass / Founders Pass purchase is required. The latest Snapshot also saw the release of 4 Driver Key packages for DEADROP. Each Driver Key Package includes a Legendary Vehicle Wrap and a Legendary License Plate.

It also includes 5 Exotic Crates, which reward one exclusive cosmetic for your vehicle, character, or weapons.

User-Generated Content in DEADROP ‘s Creative Mode

The Roadmap for DEADROP's Creator Mode.
The Roadmap for DEADROP‘s Creator Mode.

New maps are present in the game, such as the Canyon Arena Map and Proving Ground 3. There are also maps added for selected game modes, such as:

  • Featured Game Mode maps:
    • High-Octane CTF – Canyon
    • Enforcer – Canyon
    • Free For All – Proving Ground 2
    • Arsenal – Proving Ground 3
    • Infection – Proving Ground 3
    • TDM – Proving Ground 3

DEADROP also boasts a new creative mode, which the studio has dramatically hyped. This mode will empower players to generate their experiences in the game. This will also lead to User Generated Content or UGC in the game. A few games have done this before, like Fortnite’s Creative Mode.

The gameplay trailer states that the freedom to boast original creations will unlock endless possibilities for user-generated content in the game.

The Creative mode offers customization in the High Octane Capture the Flag, Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Arsenal, Infection and Enforcer game modes. In the future, even more features will facilitate User Generated Content in DEADROP.


On the game’s official website, the current upcoming features are listed:

• Upload custom LUA scripts to augment your DCM

• Author original assets for use in Creative Mode

• Design unique textures for existing assets

• Build original maps using existing and UGC assets

• Publish your creations for other Creators to use in Creative Mode

• Create cosmetics for characters, weapons, vehicles, and Player Hideout

The game is in a Pre-Alpha state and isn’t yet completed. One thing is for sure. DEADROP is undoubtedly trying to add a new twist to the genre.

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