Dragon Ball Characters We May Never See Unleash Their True Power


Dragon Ball is full of extremely powerful characters who are yet to go all out. Fans are dying to see them unleash their true power. But sadly, that may never come to pass. These Dragon ball characters are all God-Tier but they will never show us their true strength.

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Beerus Has No Longer The Need For Using His Full God of Destruction Powers

Beerus - Dragon Ball Super
Beerus – Dragon Ball Super

As the strongest God of Destruction, Beerus is undoubtedly a God amongst Gods. Not even the rest of the Gods of destruction banding together could stop him. That is a testament to his full potential. Beerus is yet to show us his full power. Fans had been waiting for that event to happen when Beerus and Goku were at odds.

Beerus - Universe 7's God of Destruction
Beerus – Universe 7’s God of Destruction

Now that beerus is Goku’s pal and ally, he has absolutely no reason to unlock his full potential and unleash his power on Universe 7. Beerus is yet to face a credible challenge and the guy is rather laid-back in his approach to things. Back then, he only awoke because he found a worthy challenger in Goku. Now Goku is his friend. Why would he go all out now?

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Jiren Is Theorized To Have Been Pulling His Punches In Tournament Of Power

Jiren - Tournament of Power - Dragon Ball Super
Jiren – Tournament of Power – Dragon Ball Super

Now you may think that Jiren did go all out in the Tournament of Power. But there is every reason to believe he didn’t. The Gods of Destruction seemingly agreed to the fact that Jiren’s power rivalled that of an actual God of Destruction. He was the only mortal even the Gods were scared of facing in battle.

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Jiren - Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
Jiren – Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Remember that Jiren is the only mortal the Gods were sure could beat a God of Destruction. But he seemingly fell to Goku in battle. At that time when Goku unlocked his Ultra Instinct, he was still miles away from being as good as a God of destruction. Jiren is theorized to have had an enormous reservoir of power kept as backup[ that he never even used in battle. If he wanted to go all out, Goku would have bit the dust.

Broly Needs Training And Experience To Become A Truly Legendary Super Saiyan

Broly - Dragon ball Super - Legendary Super Saiyan Form
Broly – Dragon Ball Super – Legendary Super Saiyan Form

An absolute fan-favorite, Broly is called by many loyal Dragon Ball fans as a true Super Saiyan. He unlocked the form way before Goku and Vegeta did, despite having little to no training. The only reason Broly lost to Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan Blue forms is because his enemies were numerically superior and better trained.

Broly - Dragon Ball
Broly – Dragon Ball

Broly’s unfathomable rage knows no bounds. In the anime, his energy blasts could decimate entire galaxies. He is the anime world’s answer to the Hulk. The angrier and more berserk he gets, the deadlier he is in a battlefield. Training and experience turned Goku into a God. Broly’s true potential is God-Tier but since Dragon Ball refuses to give him due recognition, he will never reach the pinnacle of his strength.

Vegeta Is Always Forced To Play Catch-Up With Goku

Vegeta - Super Saiyan Blue Evolved
Vegeta – Super Saiyan Blue Evolved

There’s a reason why everyone loves Vegeta. Ever since his introduction decades ago, Vegeta has named Goku his one true rival. But he is forced to remain second because Goku is the protagonist. Not a fair deal if you ask us. A true Saiyan, Vegeta never let something as trivial as plot armor get in his way. He plans to beat Goku no matter the cost. There’s only one thing – Goku keeps surpassing him every time.

Ultra Ego - Vegeta's Newest Form
Ultra Ego – Vegeta’s Newest Form

Over the course of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta has tried forging his own path. Rather than following in his rival’s footsteps, he decided to make his own way. After unlocking a new Super Saiyan form called Super Saiyan Blue Evolved, he trained in the art of Spirit Control and mastered Ultra Ego, the polar opposite of Ultra Instinct. And yet, even after so many years Vegeta still falls short and fans are pretty sure he always will. Vegeta is cursed to be second his whole life and nothing hurts us more than agreeing to this fact.

Whis Going All Out Is Highly Unlikely

Whis vs. Goku and Vegeta
Whis vs. Goku and Vegeta

Whis is hailed as the strongest of all Angels, barring the Grand Minister. He is easily able to take on both Goku and Vegeta in their strongest Super Saiyan forms without breaking a sweat. he is also light years ahead in terms of power when compared to Universe 7’s God of destruction – Beerus.


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Whis and Grand Minister - Dragon Ball Super - Tournament of Power
Whis and Grand Minister – Dragon Ball Super – Tournament of Power

But for all his Divine Strength, Whis may never unleash 100% of his power in Dragon Ball. Their are rules set by Zeno that forbid the Angels from going all out. So for all his strength, Whis is forced to remain at the sidelines.



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