Dragon Ball Characters Who Are Only Powerful Because of Clever Tricks

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Out of all the anime shows released over the past decades, Dragon Ball remains the most dominant and beloved franchise of all time. The fans’ enthusiasm for this show is for many reasons, including the incredible superpowers, intriguing attires, and of course, their peculiar multi-universe storyline. But one of the major things that led to the global dominance of Dragon Ball is the superpowers. It is really what makes the entire franchise worth watching. Over the years, many characters have been introduced in the storyline apart from some consistent ones with rather peculiar powers. And there have been many speculations amongst fans regarding who is the most powerful one. But many are more clever in tricks and, thus, even more powerful.


 Watagash, The Infectious Evil, Aims The Dragon Ball Universe

Dragon ball can sometimes be somewhat perplexing for those trying to keep a check on villains. It’s mainly because there have been so many of them that fans are certain to lose the count. But Watagash is time immemorial because of its bounding storyline and the kind of havoc it causes in multi dragon ball universe. Watagash was first introduced into Dragon Ball Super as a rather parasite-like presence. He had the power of attaching himself to individuals and transforming them. This pesky villain causes insurmountable damage to the city until the super Saiyan Gohan reaches there to clean the mess and restore peace in the universe.

Dragon Ball Z Watagash

The Earring Begins The Transformation Of Kogu

When looking for some singular and original heroes and supervillains in the world of anime, one cannot miss but consider Dragon ball. Specifically, a number of feature films have been released over the years with some really interesting villains. One such feature film Bojack Unbound puts Gohan as the central hero since Goku is still dead. In the movie, it appears that the Hera race has gained transformative strength with the help of unbound metamorphosis. But unlike the transformation of other members of the Hera race, this transformation in Kogu is caused by earrings and necklaces. And this factor gives it a unique fashion touch.



The Classic Gohan’s Tale

Anger changes all – an established fact. But this ‘change’ seems quite transformative in the beginning episodes of the mage franchise. Before the starting of Super Saiyan, one of the most common transformations was the Great Ape. Most of the Saiyans had a sense of control over themselves in the Great ape state, but not  certainly everyone’s beloved Goku and his son Gohan.

Dragon Ball Z Gohan

The Manipulation Of Regal Attire

There are a few disturbing scenes and episodes in the feature films. One such case is the conflicting relationship between Broly and his father, Paragus. Broly’s father can control his mind with the help of a ring he owns and make use of his power as per his likes. In Dragon Ball Super: Brolly, the same thing turns into a new form as a ring is replaced with a crown. However, it serves the same purpose of control.

Dragon Ball Z Broly

The Removal Of Necklace Leads To Uncontrollable Powers

In the latest manga, the storyline has taken a new arc. The story has shifted from Granola to a fatal and almost imperishable danger arising from the Heeter Force’s Gas. One of the most exciting revelations in the new manga is about their decorative bone necklaces. Most of the Heeter’s find it impossible to control their strength, except Gas.




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