“Yall cry over the dumbest sh*t it’s a game”: Some Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Issues Seem to be Worrying Some, but not Others

Fans are fighting over the tiniest details in the game.


  • Some Reddit fans are not very pleased with some promotional pictures that were revealed online.
  • On the other hand, a different group of fans is accusing the first of being very sensitive and annoying with this game.
  • Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero has not been released yet. There is no confirmation about whether it is going to be available this year.
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One of the most beloved games in the Dragon Ball Z universe is the Budokai Tenkaichi franchise. The new announcement of Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero, as for the franchise’s original Japanese name, was very well received by the fans, and they are eager to see this new title.


The game will be the greatest launch of a Dragon Ball Z game, according to Bandai Namco. Several trailers and gameplay were shown. Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero promises to have a great number of playable characters. Some fans are not very happy with some promotional material, and others just don’t care.

Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero and a very difficult audience

Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero shows us Goku in action once again
Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero shows us Goku in action once again

This new game of Dragon Ball Z surprised all the fans when it was announced back in March of last year, praising that the Budokai Tenkaichi franchise was back. Later, Bandai Namco decided to change the official name to Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero, so from now on, the Japanese name is the only one in the world. Fans received numerous gameplay and videos with the quality of the game. But some players are not happy with it, and others just don’t care.


A new promotional picture from a magazine in Japan was posted on Reddit by the user black_slime01. This scan shows Goku and Vegeta fighting in different transformations, with some details in the clothes and powers, but you can discern much more from this.

Some fans were not happy with the quality that can be seen in the pictures; this particular user complained about the looks of Ape Vegeta and the Galick Gun.

Some fans are just waiting for the game to come

In Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero. The classic Kame Kame-Ha is back!
In Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero. The classic Kame Kame-Ha is back!

The Reddit thread continues, and the user, MarusDimens1on, just replies with the following: “Y’all cry over the dumbest shit it’s a game.” Other users agreed with him and just answered, saying that the game is not available yet. The majority are all waiting very excitedly for Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero. The promotional pictures, according to the original owners of the post, talk about a new trailer coming in March that will show new characters.


Bandai Namco has a lot of details to unveil before the game launches. In the last official trailer, the title confirmed more than 120 playable characters. This massive number is without the Vegeta and Goku transformations.

After the last Budokai Tenkaichi game, the new Dragon Ball Super manga was released, and a lot of new characters were introduced. The power limit reaches new and incredible limits with fighters like Jiren or Broly.

Tell us what you think about Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero. Are you excited about this new game?


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