The Groundbreaking Roster of Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Will Feature Gohan Beast, Gotenks, and Many More Unexpected Fighters from Show and Movies

New information revealed in an interview with developers confirms an extended roster, but not at launch.


  • Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero is going to feature an expansive roster of over 160 characters.
  • Spike Chunsoft developers confirmed that characters from GT and the movies will also be present but as DLC.
  • They also revealed fusion characters will be present in the roster, along with lesser-known characters.
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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is regarded as one of the best and most played arena fighters within the Dragon Ball game series. So, when Bandai Namco announced Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero, a continuation of the same Budokai Tenkaichi series under a new name, fans were excited to see how this game would turn out. One of the biggest questions asked for every fighting game is the expansiveness of the character roster. If the new information is accurate, Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero is going to have an impressive lineup of fan-favorite characters from across the Dragon Ball universe.


Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero is Going to Feature Characters Outside of the Z Series

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero looks amazing.
Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero looks amazing.

ShonenGames on X translated a post by Laun Le Mal who shared information from an interview between Twitter users SofianLeGEEk, Yekais, and some of the key developers from Spike Chunsoft. Earlier reports have stated that Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero is going to feature a noteworthy roster size of 164 characters.


So far, trailers have only featured characters from Dragon Ball Z and Super, but fans are speculating whether characters from Dragon Ball GT and the many other movies would make an appearance.

The translated post features Sparking Zero’s producer Jun Furutani and series producer Ryo Mito, who spoke openly about the game’s development process and a planned release window. They went on to confirm that characters from Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball movies (such as Beast Gohan) may be on the character roster. However, don’t expect to take control of Baby Vegeta or Syn Shenron the moment you boot up the game; the GT and movie characters will most likely be introduced later as DLC. No indication was given as to why they would be left off the base roster.

Players Can Also Expect Surprise Characters on the Roster of Sparking Zero

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero is going to feature a massive character roster from across the Dragon Ball universe
Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero is going to feature a massive character roster from across the Dragon Ball universe.

Furutani and Mito also gave us some more information regarding the playable characters: Fusions are going to be a thing in Sparking Zero. Vegito, Gogeta, and Gotenks are going to be part of the base game. That isn’t really surprising given how beloved those characters are and their appearance even in the Z series, but it’s good to have their presence confirmed.


Other expected characters include the many different forms of both Goku and Vegeta, Piccolo, Broly (regular and Super Saiyan), Jiren, Frieza, DBS Android 17, and even Bergamo, the wolf-man who made an appearance in Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power Saga.

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero is going to be available on the PlayStation 5, Xbox series S and X, and PC. While many have fond memories of couch co-op with the Tenkaichi games, Sparking Zero may ditch split screen due to issues occurring between Sony and Microsoft demanding different versions of the feature.

There are also rumors that the companies are stalling this feature to encourage sales of more consoles. If this feature is truly scrapped from Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero, fans will have to rely entirely on online play to enjoy the game with their friends.


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