Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero May Not Have Split-Screen Co-Op, But It Reportedly Has Another Highly Requested Feature

Perform the Fusion dance in its highest definition.

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero May Not Have Split-Screen Co-Op, But It Reportedly Has Another Highly Requested Feature


  • Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero is the upcoming fourth Budokai Tenkaichi installment.
  • There have been reports of it not including split-screen co-op as a feature.
  • Fortunately, another beloved gameplay mechanic will be returning in the game.
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Developing another installment in a highly beloved game series like Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi nearly two decades after the last mainline title can be a tricky task. However, if the amazing games back then could include so many features with such limited technology, it begs the question as to why today’s developers are reportedly taking them out of the next one.

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To put things into context, Sparking Zero will possibly not have a split-screen co-op option for fans, so there’s no way for players to sit together with friends and battle it out in the game.


Fortunately, there is a silver lining to this dark nimbus, because Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero will reportedly include another feature that fans love and expect from a modern game adaptation of the anime.

Fusions From Dragon Ball Z Will Potentially Be Returning in Sparking Zero

Fans of Vegito or Gogeta should be hopeful about fusions in Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero.
Fans of Vegito should be hopeful about Fusions in Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero.

Anyone familiar with the lore of Dragon Ball probably knows what a Fusion is, and for those who don’t, it’s basically a process in which two or more characters combine with one another to create a stronger singular being. In DragonBall Z, major character duos like Goku and Vegeta or Trunks and Goten fuse together to give life to Vegito/Gogeta or Gotenks, respectively.


What made the Budokai Tenkaichi trilogy so amazing was that this feature was included in it all those years ago, complete with the different forms, like Super Vegito.

After the split-screen co-op being missing from SZ scenario, fans were skeptical about whether or not Fusions would be returning in the upcoming title. But according to a recent French report about the supposed features in the title, “the game will include fusions.”


The translation mentions the potential comeback of Gogeta, Vegito, and Gotenks, but it’s not clear whether or not their forms from the latest anime Super will be a part of it.

Fans Have Discussed the Possibility of Fusions in Sparking Zero “Many Times”

If Goku and Vegeta can have their Super forms in Sparking Zero, then so can Vegito.
If Vegeta can have his Super forms in Sparking Zero, then so can Vegito.

DragonBall fans have a subreddit for the fourth installment in the Budokai Tenkaichi series, where a user posted screenshots of Goku and Vegeta holding up Potara Earrings to perform a Fusion to combine into creating Vegito. This gameplay mechanic was “loved” by the OG community, and it makes sense for them to want its return.


As a response, another fan stated how its potential inclusion in Sparking Zero has “been brought up many times.”

A fan also hopes that SZ does not change the implementation of the mechanic too much and stays as faithful to the original Budokai Tenkaichi games as possible. Since players could select Fusions like Gogeta from the Character Select menu, doing so actually used to nerf the character.


But if one manually performed the Fusion in the middle of an ongoing battle, the created Gogeta was extremely OP.

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