Dragon Ball Super’s Latest Chapter Redeems 2 Characters Who Were Termed ‘Useless’ by Fans, Fixes What $102 Million Movie Ruined

Dragon Ball Super’s Latest Chapter Redeems 2 Characters Who Were Termed ‘Useless’ by Fans, Fixes What $102 Million Movie Ruined

It has been years since Dragon Ball Super last aired. The show ended after the Tournament of Power. The show might have ended, but the manga is still going strong. The Dragon Ball fanbase is one of the largest in the world. Even the Western countries are well aware of Goku and Vegeta. The franchise was started in the 1980s by Akira Toriyama.

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In 2022, people got their much-awaited taste of Dragon Ball through the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. But the fans were left unsatisfied. Even if it was a good movie, two strong individuals did not get much screen time. Moreover, the film did not do justice to them. But recently, the manga showcased the plot of the film. Finally, these two individuals had their hour of glory, and the fans were happy.


Goten and Trunks Showcased Their Powers In Dragon Ball Super Manga

Trunks and Goten

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie showcased Goten (Goku’s son) and Trunks (Vegeta’s son). But they were not given any prominent roles. They were not able to prove themselves with such little time. The fans were unsatisfied with the movie following a linear path. But the manga adaptation of the film did justice with both the characters.

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Goten and Trunks were shown to play a major role in the manga adaptation of the movie. During chapter 97 of the manga, both of them were seen fighting against Cell Max. Goten and Trunks are always seen as goofy and fun-loving personalities, but they too, have Saiyan blood. The battle with Cell Max was intense, and manga readers could see how serious both of them were.

Cell Max

They wore the costumes of Saiyaman 1 and Saiyaman  2 and got much-needed help from the heroes – Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 androids. Even though they could not defeat him, their launched attacks were enough to hurt him.


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Fans Happy With The Dragon Ball Super Developments

The fans were outright disappointed when the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie used Goten and Trunks as comic relief only. Both of them are much more than that. When the manga adaptation’s Chapter #97 of the film had Goten and Trunks fight against Cell Max, the fandom was very pleased. It was a redemption for both of those brilliant personalities.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

The Super Hero arc is almost at its end. Goten and Trunks have proved to be a great help in eradicating the villain. The long-going criticisms that the movie had to face will finally come to an end. It is crucial to show them as real warriors since they belong to the Saiyan race. Even it is at the end of the day, they redeemed themselves.

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