Dune: Awakening has Every Chance of Being the Best Film Adaptation Gaming has Ever Seen

Dune: Awakening can rival the look and feel of Denis Villeneuve's live-action films.

Dune: Awakening has Every Chance of Being the Best Film Adaptation Gaming has Ever Seen


  • Dune: Awakening has a variety of combat and traversal options for players to choose from
  • Players will decide on how they will tackle their journey across Arrakis.
  • Funcom has collaborated with Legendary Pictures and used the same assets from the films.
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Fans of the Dune franchise are in for a treat with an upcoming open-world survival MMO game that is set in a parallel universe as what was seen in the first two live-action films and will immerse players in the dangerous desert world of Arrakis in Dune: Awakening developed by Funcom.


Dune: Awakening’s marketing is starting to ramp up, and we’re being treated to a number of interviews, press releases, and shadow drops to ramp up interest, and it’s working.

Dune: Awakening Has A Variety Of Combat Options

Players can explore the world of Arrakis in Funcom's Dune: Awakening.
Players can explore the world of Arrakis in Funcom’s Dune: Awakening.

The recent promotional video of the video game highlights an impressive array of combat options available to each player.


The players are in total control to determine the course of their expedition on Arrakis. Their decisions and actions will shape the outcome of their journey, and the fate of their mission rests solely on their choices. Awakening is the perfect alternative for fans and will hold them off until the third part of the Dune live-action film is released.

In a game, it is possible to replicate the level of immersion and detail found in movies, particularly when the filmmakers share the same assets used in the films. This means that the game developers can use the same digital models, textures, and other elements used in the movie, which can help create a more authentic game environment.


This extra layer of realism will make players feel like they are part of the movie’s world, and they can experience it more profoundly. As a result, players can enjoy a more immersive and engaging gaming experience, which can be a lot of fun.

The Dune Franchise Is Just Getting Started

The infamous sandworms will play a key role in a mechanic that is designed for Dune: Awakening.
The infamous sandworms will play a key role in a mechanic that is designed for Dune: Awakening.

The challenge with creating video game tie-ins based on older versions is that developers aim to incorporate every storyline and ensure that the events in the games align with the original narrative. However, Creative Director Joel Bylos clarified that this project is not part of the film’s storyline but is set in an alternate timeline.

When working on multiple projects that use the same visual assets and models, it is crucial to ensure that each project remains independent and does not directly impact the others. This is significant for creative and narrative reasons, as it allows each project to have its own unique identity and story without being influenced by the others. Keeping each project separate, ensures that each one can stand on its own and provides a more cohesive overall experience.


Regardless of canon and continuity, Dune: Awakening is a perfect gift for fans of the films and the source material. It is wholesome to see the world that Frank Herbert worked on be fully visualized across various formats of story-telling and introduce it to a newer audience, this game will appeal to the fans of the MMORPG genre.

The developers over at Funcom have thought about giving players the definitive Arrakis experience and given the number of options for combat and traversal are all good indications of diverse activities and fun gameplay, it is safe to assume that Dune: Awakening could potentially live up to the same level of hype of Denis Villeneuve’s films.

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