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Dwayne Johnson Faces Another Setback After Black Adam Failure at WB as Disney Announces Pointless Toy Story 5, Leaves Behind Moana 2

Dwayne Johnson Faces Another Setback After Black Adam Failure at WB as Disney Announces Pointless Toy Story 5, Leaves Behind Moana 2

Dwayne Johnson has been striking failures at the box office with his movies for quite a while despite being the highest-paid actor currently in Hollywood. After his Black Adam failure, recently he faced another setback when Disney announced Toy Story 5, Frozen 3, and Zootopia 2 are officially in the works but there is no mention of Dwayne Johnson’s Moana. Moana was one of his successful movies a few years back and it looks like Johnson’s streak will not be ending soon.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

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Disney Shockingly Announces 3 Animated Movies in Works

Disney has announced that 3 animated movies are already in the works as they shocked many people with their sudden announcement. Disney CEO Bob Iger announced this news in Q1’s earning call and though he did not provide more details about this fact, he will soon share more about the development of the movies. Alongside his statement, he also boasted about how Disney has become an unrivaled brand over the years with their box office blockbusters with animated movies.

Frozen 2, Toy Story 4, and Zootopia
Frozen 2, Toy Story 4, and Zootopia

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Although his claim about being an unrivaled brand is not without proper evidence. The movies that were announced had all crossed the billion-dollar mark at the box office collected worldwide in their most recent films. Zootopia was one of their initial blockbuster movies with a box office collection of over $1 billion worldwide. Toy Story 4 released in June 2019 was estimated at a budget of $200 million with an estimated box-office collection of a little over $1 billion. Frozen 2 released on November 2019 was their biggest box office success with a budget of only $150 million, the movie amassed a total of $1.45 billion dollars worldwide.

Disney Chooses Toy Story 5 Over Dwayne Johnson’s Moana 2

Seems like Dwayne Johnson will not be having a good time at the box office anytime soon as he has been delivering multiple box office failures and his movie the Red One has yet to reveal its official release date. But it seems that Disney also has no plans to call Johnson back for a Moana movie as they announced another Toy Story movie making its fifth installment. For many fans, it seemed unnecessary to extend the franchise to another movie as their last movie ended almost perfectly.

Dwayne Jonson's voice over character Maui in Moana
Dwayne Jonson’s voice-over character – Maui in Moana

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In Toy Story 4, Woody’s story was perfectly wrapped up, Woody’s voice actor Tom Hanks also says that the 4th movie ended by giving him a nice little bow and another movie would not be needed. Dwyane Johnson’s Moana sequel would have been a perfect replacement, though it did not achieve huge success at the box office, it received many positive critic reviews and also made a huge fan following over the years.

Moana is available for streaming on Disney+

Toy Story 5, Frozen 3, and Zootopia 2 do not have an official release date

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