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“We’re still going strong”: Dwayne Johnson Hard at Work Turning Red One into a Billion Dollar Franchise To Compete With ‘Fast and Furious’ and DCU

Dwayne Johnson Hard at Work Turning Red One into a Billion Dollar Franchise To Compete With 'Fast and Furious' and DCU

Dwayne Johnson’s career has been marked by nothing short of incredible blockbusters and weekend-dominating action flicks that kept the box office swimming throughout the year. While the name-brand directors and billion-dollar franchises dropped projects at intermittent periods and holiday seasons, The Rock’s films championed and spearheaded through the seasons, bringing in audiences worldwide and giving them an adrenaline-driven spectacle that always manages to leave them thoroughly entertained. However, the code that the actor cracked recently faced a hard turn when Black Adam failed to make an impression. With Red One, he plans to rectify the wrong.

The Rock and Chris Evans on Red One set
The Rock and Chris Evans on the Red One set

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Dwayne Johnson’s Red One Takes Over Mass Expectations

For months now, reports and rumors about Dwayne Johnson’s next big action-thriller blockbuster have circled the online platforms, with most updates being delivered by The Rock himself from behind the scenes. Red One, as it is officially called, is a ridiculously packed Christmas action film with an ensemble cast to boast of and an already promising story. With Chris Evans, Lucy Liu, and J.K. Simmons helming the vanguard alongside Dwayne Johnson himself as the lead, the project has raised quite a few eyebrows since its announcement.

The Rock with J.K. Simmons
The Rock preparing for Red One with J.K. Simmons

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The latest updates about the high-flying holiday movie now place Johnson in a comfortable spot as the film finds itself under the exclusive care of Amazon Studios, and is set to be featured on Prime Video. As Red One finds itself a new home, the heavy-hitting A-lister, however, still walks in the shadow of his last box office failure, Black Adam. But, Johnson fully intends on erasing the debacle of the past and moving on ahead with his packed lineup of projects as he keeps fan optimism and anticipation at an all-time high with his Instagram update claiming, “We’re still going strong.” 


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The new post serves to not only give a sneak peek into the epic scale of the space-riding adventure to come but diminishes bit by bit the shadows cast by every cracked chip leftover from the eradication of his less-than-stellar DCU attempt and the 15 years of grit and passion that was lost overnight in the aftermath.

Is Red One Being Placed as Competition to Fast & Furious?

The leveling of the competition when it comes to the biggest action blockbuster the world has ever witnessed since the Noughties (and one that’s still going strong, to date) aka the Fast & Furious is an impossible wish. The curated, ever-growing, and veteran fandom of the adrenaline-driven franchise has been established since the early 2000s, and to even come close to that would require an insane plan – almost as unbelievably impractical as one of Dom Toretto’s missions itself.

Dwayne Johnson on the sets of Red One
Dwayne Johnson on the sets of Red One

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Such an adventure is right up the alley of the reigning king of blockbuster successes. Moreover, the scriptwriter for Red One also happens to be Chris Morgan, the veteran contributor to the Fast & Furious franchise itself. With the once ex-FF actor collaborating with one of the most famous scriptwriters in the action-adventure genre and combining the force of multiple Hollywood heavy-hitters with the production umbrella of Amazon, it sure looks like Dwayne Johnson has intended to take his losses in good stride.

Lucky for the audience, The Rock’s invested passion for the new project will mean a (probable) multi-movie deal – as is already the case with his Netflix project, Red Notice.

Red One premieres in December 2023.

Source: Instagram | Dwayne Johnson

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