Dwayne Johnson Handing Out Money and Tequila to ‘Red One’ Crew after Black Adam Debacle Decimated His Superhero Aspirations: “To the hardest working crew in Hollywood”

Dwayne Johnson Handing Out Money and Tequila to 'Red One' Crew after Black Adam Debacle Decimated His Superhero Aspirations: "To the hardest working crew in Hollywood"
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No doubt that the two times world’s highest-paid actor, the world’s sexiest man, and a certified chart-topping movie star of this generation is none other than Dwayne Johnson. Ruling the rings with his charismatic persona of The Rock and still being regarded as ‘The People’s Champion,’ to ruling the big screen with nothing but hits in the last few years of his career, the man is as much a badass in Hollywood as he was in the ring of the WWE.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

But with his latest outing to strike down the hierarchy of the former DCEU with his adventure as the anti-hero in Black Adam. His depiction of the titular character was supposed to revolutionize the DCEU and usher in a new age for the studios. But alas, the movie performed just barely what the expectations were, and as if to save himself the humiliation, The Rock decided to do something special for the crew of his upcoming film Red One.

Dwayne Johnson Brings An Early Christmas For The Crew Of Red One!

Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson in the upcoming movie "Red One".
Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson in the upcoming movie Red One

After delivering constant blockbusters in his recent Hollywood career, Dwayne Johnson somehow dropped the ball when it came to his debut in the superhero film scene in Black Adam as the titular superhuman. With promises as big as his muscles, but no actual box office success to support them, the star dell into the terrain of failed promises that was humiliating, to say the least. Thus, when it came to his next project, the star decided to take a more humble approach and show his gratitude to the crew members of his upcoming film Red One.


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In his recent Instagram post, The Rock can be seen engaging with the entire crew of the upcoming film as he hands out huge paychecks to different members that are involved in the project. We can see in the video the Jumanji star getting praise and also tears of joy as he brings the festival of giving to the people present on the set. Apart from huge sums of money, he is also observed giving bottles of his brand Teremana tequila to the crew as well, sharing happiness with all of them.

But although it may be a kind gesture to show his gratitude to his team members, some might also say that this is a tactic to gain sympathy and love from his fans, something that was lost when Black Adam performed poorly at the box office, leading to the cancelation of the franchise after James Gunn’s takeover.


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What To Expect From Red One?

Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans in Red One
Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans in Red One

As if Dwayne Johnson wasn’t enough to take the upcoming movie to new heights, Chris Evans will be seen alongside the Red Notice actor in the upcoming film. Red One is a Christmas movie that is being made by James Kasdan and is all set to release in the Holidays of 2023. The plot and synopsis of the upcoming film are still unknown, but many are just excited to see the two actors together, working side by side.

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Red One, releasing exclusively on Prime Video on December 2023

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