Dwayne Johnson Jumping Ship to MCU to Diss James Gunn After Black Adam Star Thanks Marvel’s Godfather Stan Lee?

Dwayne Johnson Jumping Ship to MCU to Diss James Gunn After Black Adam Star Thanks Marvel's Godfather Stan Lee?

The love-hate story between the Marvel and DC fandom has raged on for almost a century, and now more than ever. And amid the ensuing battle, Dwayne Johnson’s entry as DCU’s Black Adam, and the aftermath of the film’s release, it looks like the Cold War between the two comic book juggernauts has taken a pause in reorienting its allies.

In the meantime, not only is DC gearing up for the biggest makeshift witnessed by the industry in the internal structuring of an entire franchise but also vying for a facelift in the molding hands of the director-turned-CEO, James Gunn. The only question is: where does The Rock place in all of this?

Dwayne Johnson at Black Adam event
Dwayne Johnson at a Black Adam event

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Dwayne Johnson’s Fandom Vying For Refuge in the MCU

As the Marvel comics industry’s keeper and godfather, Stan Lee posthumously celebrates his 100th anniversary, the world of comic book lovers, CBM industry stars, and its crew comes together to answer the call and pay respects to one of the greatest creators of all time. Among those stars is also included Dwayne Johnson who has recently tweeted a nostalgia-inducing picture of him and Stan Lee smiling in all his humility.

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Dwayne Johnson posts tribute to Stan Lee
Dwayne Johnson posts tribute to Stan Lee

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The photograph, although a show of respect on the actor’s part, has done its job of inciting the hurting DC fandom who are still sore about the exeunt of Black Adam from the new universe. On December 28th, the Black Adam actor posted a lengthy tribute, recounting meeting the comic book legend in October 2017 at the Los Angeles Comic Con.

And it now goes without saying that the comments that have risen in the aftermath have all alluded to the fact that the tribute is an exploitation of the fact that The Rock is a displaced actor, currently out of job within the DCU, and that the post is a cry for help aimed at gaining the opposition aka Marvel’s attention.

The Rock’s Roller Coaster Journey as Black Adam in 2022

After being unceremoniously booted out of the DC Universe, the former professional wrestler turned action movie star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Henry Cavill have taken back shelter among the shadowed pillars of the CBM industry. And while the latter takes his bow and receded quietly back into the background, the former has done anything but. Johnson’s social media presence has been littered with posts and updates, more so during the holiday season after an extensive and uphill battle of trying to get Black Adam to reach $500 million in gross earnings at the box office.

Black Adam (2022)
Black Adam (2022)

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After the tangible and embarrassing failure to succeed, even with the promising arsenal comprising the Justice Society of America, blistering action sequences, and the fandom’s deity: Henry Cavill, Dwayne Johnson accepts the fate delivered to him after his long talk with the man-in-charge, James Gunn. Currently, the only place for Black Adam within the forming DCU is to be found in the expansive Multiverse, and any future appearance of the character as such will have to be placed in an alternate timeline arc where Zack Snyder’s Superman and David Ayer’s Amanda Waller reside.

Black Adam is currently available for streaming on HBO Max.

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