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The Rock Addresses Black Adam Cancelation, Breaks Silence on Reports of Unfollowing WB on Instagram After Henry Cavill Leaving Superman Role

The Rock Addresses Black Adam Cancelation, Breaks Silence on Reports of Unfollowing WB on Instagram After Henry Cavill Leaving Superman Role

The new reign of James Gunn and Peter Safran as new heads of DC Studios was a move taken in a positive light by fans of the DCU. However, some fans(as well as The Rock) may feel that the major decisions taken by the pair have worked against their wishes- the DCU is getting a planned revamp, and a lot of the fan-favorite actors’ positions are at risk.

The beloved face of Clark Kent of the 2010s i.e Henry Cavill has already been made the first candidate to be shown the door, with Gunn’s plans for a Superman movie focusing on a younger version of the character. Wonder Woman 3 also seems to be off the books now, and The Rock isn’t too happy about all the new changes.

The Rock FandomWire
The Rock

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The Rock Shows His Disapproval Of Decisions By New DC Studios Hierarchy

It would of course be a major strike into the hearts of many DCU fans when the announcement of plans for a new and revamped DCU came out a few weeks ago. Many were in panic mode as it meant the possibility of their favorite actors playing certain roles in the franchise would now have to face the test of James Gunn and Peter Safran’s creative decisions.

The Rock FandomWire
The Rock

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There is one already existing actor in the DCU roster, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who has expressed his disappointment with the changes that the new heads of DC Studios are making.

The former WWE Wrestler joined the DCU roster in late 2019, and he is one unhappy person right now. As fans have spotted, Johnson has now unfollowed both Warner Bros. Discovery and Black Adam‘s official Instagram accounts-

This can be seen as an unofficial/ indirect confirmation that the San Andreas star is seeking to part ways with the major movie studio. After all, his hard work just got undone by the two new bosses.

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The Rock Comments On The Whole Situation

There is currently no official confirmation from the Black Adam team, or The Rock‘s media team itself about the latter leaving the DCU for good, just after doing one movie!

The 50-year-old actor was one of the standout actors in the DCU list of actors who wanted to make a change after seeing the declining quality of the superhero franchise- both in content and popularity.

The Rock FandomWire
The Rock

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And now, after having done his best to bring back one of the most sought-after actors into the franchise once again (Henry Cavill), and all that hard work being torn to shreds by James Gunn and Peter Safran- the Baywatch star has gone on to start the slow process of dissociating from the franchise altogether.

But The Rock has now updated the issue at hand with a new tweet to clear the doubts of any conspiracy theorist. He recently tweeted-

Turns out he never did follow either accounts. The Rock is still one of the largest and most famous A-listed actors out there, and he’s no doubt going to secure a role in another major movie franchise regardless of whether he decides to stay/ not stay in the DCU.

Black Adam is currently available for streaming on Apple TV.

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