‘It changes in the place where it is found to be gone’: Dwayne Johnson’s Warrior Tribal Tattoo Has a Hidden But Beautiful Meaning

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Dwayne Johnson is big on embracing his cultural roots and ancestral history.


The Rock has always been in the spotlight, previously as a professional wrestler and currently as a Hollywood sensation and ever since his first solo-superhero film as a DC star took off a couple of months ago, he has come to earn more and more recognition.

Dwayne Johnson

But even though he has changed the trajectory of his career from wrestling to acting, the one thing that has remained the same is the attachment that the Black Adam star shares with his cultural history. And the same is prominent from his tattoos.


You might have noticed The Rock’s beautiful ink, but behind the intricate details and captivating designs of his ink lies an even more profound meaning, something which bears great cultural significance for the actor.

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Dwayne Johnson’s Tribal Tattoo Has A Deep Meaning

Johnson’s warrior tribal tattoo is a blend of intricate details and meaningful symbols mapped out meticulously and with the utmost precision over his chest and his left hand which further meanders across his back as well.


In a nutshell, the complex ink embodies three main aspects including his family, the prospect of protecting his loved ones, and his aggressive warrior spirit, all the things that happen to hold the greatest value to the former professional wrestler.

The first and foremost element of the tattoo is The Great Eye which is said to be a symbolization of the possession of the spirit of one’s enemies, often acting as a diversion during times of conflict and confrontation. And the descending swirls around Johnson’s left shoulder incorporate his past, present, and the future that awaits him. These swirls further go down toward his arm where the text reads: “It changes in the place where it is found to be gone.”

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Johnson's tribal tattoo
Johnson’s tribal tattoo

The next element is a majestic lion on his chest which stands as an embodiment of the San Andreas star’s warrior spirit with the coconut leaves around his collarbones representing the Samoan chief-warrior. And right behind the leaves rests the sun which stands for good fortune.

Johnson, 50, has time and again laid emphasis on how he has always been to admire his ancestral roots, and so, the broken face marked by shark teeth along with the two eyes, known as , “o mata e lua,” incorporate the actor’s ancestral heritage and his belief that they have been looking over him and fortified him from dangers through the journey of his life.

The remaining elements of his ink include the priest which is a manifestation of enlightenment and protection, the stones on his bicep that stand for accomplishments and abundance, and the tortoise shell toward the lower part of his left arm which is known to be used by warriors as a shield against malevolent spirits.


The Meaning Behind Dwayne Johnson’s Tattoos

With a body that looks like it has been sculpted by Michelangelo himself and ink that is designed perfectly across his muscles, Dwayne Johnson is certainly a sight for sore eyes.

While his tribal tattoo is the biggest one he has, The Rock also had yet another tattoo on his right bicep, that of the ‘Brahma Bull’ which symbolized his zodiac sign Taurus, which is Latin for ‘the Bull.’ The Hercules actor had gotten this particular tattoo almost two decades ago which he later got covered up with different ink into something that was more redolent of his “personal history.”  

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Johnson's "evolution of The Bull"
Johnson’s “Evolution of The Bull” tattoo

This “Evolution of the Bull,” as The Rock calls it, was designed by a famous American tattoo artist named Nikko Hurtado back in 2017 when the Red Notice star decided to transform his old tattoo into  a new, more detailed representation of his personal life.

The Rock definitely went all out with his ink and took meaningful tattoos to a whole new level with this one.

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