“That’s so insanely unnecessary”: Dwayne Johnson Winning the Royal Rumble to Face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania Reports Make WWE Fans Furious

Dwayne Johnson Winning the Royal Rumble to Face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania Reports Make WWE Fans Furious
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Dwayne Johnson, more popularly known by his ring name, The Rock, might just be coming back to WWE for one last epic fight.


A former professional wrestler, The Rock established a name for himself in the sport before setting foot in the waters of Hollywood, shortly after which, he quite WWE in 2004 and started to build a career in the film industry instead. Although he made some sporadic appearances in the ring till 2013, the Black Adam star has been wholly focused on working as an actor for quite a long time now.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

However, as per a new rumor that has sparked up, WWE might be planning on brining one of its most famous contestants back in the ring, with The Rock prevailing in the Royal Rumble so that he could then be put against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39. But it looks like fans are not pleased in the slightest with this new possibility as they point out the seemingly superfluous nature of this whole sitch.


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A Roman Reigns vs. The Rock Fight is Rumored to Happen at WrestleMania 39

According to sources, Dave Meltzer, a popular journalist who reports on professional wrestling, has revealed that WWE might just be in the works to bring Dwayne Johnson back for one last fight in WrestleMania 39, which is set to take place in Los Angeles in 2023.

Rumors claim that The Rock would bag the Royal Rumble title which would then set his appearance at WM39, wherein he would go against the professional wrestler and former football player, Roman Reigns. Although these rumors haven’t been officially attested to, Meltzer did talk about this on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, claiming that if The Rock is open to the idea, then the chances of it happening could easily increase.


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The Rock is rumored to return to WWE for one last match
The Rock is rumored to return to WWE for one last match

“The idea was being talked about backstage, but as best as we can tell, while the rumors certainly exist within the company, as far as who would be in a position to know, there’s no real answer. If Johnson wants to do it and can be sold on the idea, it would be the most perfect scenario for the company.”

A Roman Reigns vs. The Rock fight is something that has been in the cards for years now, but never took place. So, if WWE does bring Johnson back and orchestrate this match, then it would definitely make the headlines and garner tons of publicity.

WWE Fans Seem to be Enraged at The Rock Winning the Royal Rumble 

Although Johnson’s appearance at WM39 would certainly lead to WWE earning great media exposure and fame, fans of the sport aren’t particularly thrilled by the idea of the Red Notice actor bagging the Royal Rumble title.


One of the central reasons why people are displeased by this possibility is because most of them are rooting for Cody Rhodes, claiming that he’s the one who rightfully deserves the win instead of The Rock.

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Many people are also pointing out the fact that for Johnson to have a fight against Roman, the former doesn’t necessarily need to win the Royal Rumble because he could either have the title shot by simply demanding one or he could have a match against Roman during a smackdown.

What seems to be infuriating fans the most is the fact that the Hercules star has no actual “need” for either the championship or the RR title.



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While the rumors have neither been confirmed nor denied, if in case they do hold any veracity, then The Rock would need to back up these claims sooner than later, considering WM39 is set to take place at the beginning of April 2023.


Either way, at least we know who the audience doesn’t want to see at the Royal Rumble.

Source: B/R Wrestling via Twitter


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