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‘Ever wonder why so many WWE Fans have birthdays exactly 9 months after WrestleMania?’: Dwayne Johnson Said His Fights Makes Fans So Passionate They ‘Start Making Rock Babies’

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Dwayne Johnson has been the face of a number of popular movies and his latest DC venture, Black Adam, which happens to be his very first solo superhero film in the franchise, has garnered him even more fame. But his extensive career in the film industry isn’t the only thing he is renowned for. After all, he has also earned his name through his wrestling career.

The Rock congratulates the team of Wakanda Forever.
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Also known by his wrestling nickname The Rock, Dwayne Johnson used to be a professional wrestler for almost eight years before he retired in 2004, after which WWE saw occasional and irregular appearances from the actor every now and then till 2019. But back when he was still in the game, The Rock not only entertained his audience as a competent wrestler, but he also managed to win people over with his charismatic persona and incredible humor. Like that one time when he joked about being the driving force behind couples “making babies”. Yup, you read that right.

The Rock claimed that his fights on WWE evoked such ardor in fans that they immediately felt like indulging in passionate love-making.

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The Rock Said Watching Him on WWE Made Fans Want to Have “Rock Babies”

Dwayne Johnson’s humor and wit are really unmatched.

Back when he was still in the ring, The Rock made a hilarious joke about how his fights and matches on Wrestlemania made fans want to have “Rock babies,” implying that something about him filled couples with inexplicable “passion and electricity.” 

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The Rock
The Rock claimed he incited passion in his fans to make “Rock babies”

“You guys ever wonder why so many young WWE fans have birthdays exactly 9 months after WrestleMania? I will tell you why, cause their parents went home and they were watching in awe, feeling full of passion, electricity because they were watching the Jabroni beating, pie eating, trailblazing, eyebrow-raising, The Rock’s in the ring, no ifs ands or maybe, common mama, we got no choice but to start making Rock babies.” 

The audience naturally broke into a fit of laughter after they heard Johnson deliver his amusing speech about how he basically motivates his fans to have s*x.

Leave it to The Rock to break the tension in any situation with his humor.

A Brief Glance into Dwayne Johnson’s Wrestling Career

Johnson made his debut as a wrestler in 1996 as Rocky Maivia, a name that paid tribute to his father and grandfather, both of whom used to be professional wrestling champions. And having won 16 championships both solo as well as in a tag team, he soon became one of the most famous wrestlers involved in the sport.

Prior to becoming a box office sensation, The Rock was active as a wrestler for about 7-8 years before announcing his retirement from the profession and diverting his focus to Hollywood instead. Even so, the Red Notice star was still seen to be bestowing his presence upon WWE in 2011 yet again, but as a part-time performer, before he finally left the field for good.

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Dwayne Johnson FandomWire
The Rock during his wrestling years

But till the time he was a part of WWE, Johnson made a respectable name for himself during the entirety of his wrestling career by winning the world championship title almost 10 times, being a 2-time Intercontinental Champion, and being the 6th in line to be WWE’s Triple Crown Champion besides a heap of more achievements.

Currently, Johnson is one of the most recognized entities in Hollywood and his latest project was that of DC’s superhero movie, in which he starred as Black Adam.

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