Dwayne Johnson Shrugs Off Roman Reigns And Cody Rhodes, Calls Another WWE Star The Real MVP Of Last WrestleMania

Sharing the ring with this superstar was convincing enough for The Rock to relaise who had the limelight on them at WrestleMania XL.

Dwayne Johnson Shrugs Off Roman Reigns And Cody Rhodes, Calls Another WWE Star The Real MVP Of Last WrestleMania
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  • Dwayne Johnson made his in-ring return this year at WWE WrestleMania XL, which proved to be the biggest one in the history of the company.
  • Along with praising and showing respect to his cousin Roman Reigns as well as his opponent Cody Rhodes, Johnson claimed that Seth Rollins was the real MVP of the event.
  • Not only did Rollins perform on both nights, but he also suffered a back injury that cost him his title, but still he managed to come to the rescue of Rhodes and help him become the new WWE Undisputed Universal Champion.
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History was made last weekend for everyone who attended the annual WWE WrestleMania XL in Philadelphia, where they got to be part of some of the epic WWE moments in history, including the return of Dwayne Johnson as The Rock.


On top of it, fans across the globe also got to witness the outstanding performance put on by every other superstar that made this event a thing for the ages.

Dwayne Johnson in ring at WrestleMania XL
Dwayne Johnson hitting the sharpshooter in ring at WrestleMania XL

But even after fighting alongside his cousin Roman Reigns and beefing hard with the new WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Cody Rhodes, Johnson claims that the real highlight of this year’s WrestleMania was none other than Seth Rollins. These were his words when talking about this while answering the questions from his fans.


Dwayne Johnson Claims Seth Rollins Took The Spotlight At WrestleMania XL

Seth Rollins at WrestleMania XL
Seth Rollins at WrestleMania XL

The entire WWE is going through a metamorphosis at the moment, with Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque taking the creative reigns of the company, and this year’s WrestleMania was a part of that change.

One of the major highlights of this event was none other than the in-ring return of Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock, who after it is all wrapped up, talked about it recently and recounted his experience.

On this past Sunday, the Jungle Cruise star took to his Instagram and posted a video where he went through fan questions related to his recent experience before, at, and after WrestleMania XL.


He claimed that he was proud of each of the superstars who made the show a smashing success, along with highly praising his partner and cousin Roman Reigns and his opponent Cody Rhodes.

But according to him, the real MVP of this year’s WrestleMania was none other than Seth Rollins, who performed on both nights of the event and put on a show at the grandest stage of them all. He said:

“Congratulations to, who I feel is the real MVP of the WrestleMania weekend, Seth Rollins. Seth Freakin’ Rollins. What an honor it was to share the ring with you three, what an honor it was for us to break records.”

The fact that all three of these men, along with The Rock, made their appearances on both nights of WrestleMania was phenomenal in of itself, but Rollins did take it to a whole extreme level.


How Seth Rollins Stole The Show At WrestleMania XL 

Seth Rollins' special entry at WrestleMania XL.
Seth Rollins’ special entry to the ring at WrestleMania XL.

While every star was giving it their all at this year’s annual event, Rollins proved how he could take the entire weight of fans’ expectations on his shoulders when he performed on both nights.

On the first night in the main event, Rollins and Rhodes went up against The Rock and Reigns in a tag-team match, where both of them suffered a defeat and extreme punishment by The Bloodline. The next night, Rollins went toe-to-toe with Drew McIntyre and lost his WWE World Heavyweight Championship, while also suffering from a back injury the previous day.

And as if that wasn’t enough, he yet again appeared on that night after his loss to save Rhodes when he was fighting The Bloodline, where he was hit by Roman Reigns with a steel chair across his back.


But in a twist of fate, this enabled The American Nightmare to secure his win as the new WWE Undisputed Universal Champion and finish his story.

WrestleMania XL, streaming on WWE Network.


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