Dwayne Johnson, Who Could Compete For Mr Olympia Title Himself, Bows Down to Henry Cavill’s “Hardcore” Workout Routine to Play Superman

The Rock gushes about Henry Cavill's Superman regime
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The immediate and unfaltering effect of having the opportunity to meet Henry Cavill is to realize the magnitude of the actor’s larger-than-life personality. Every star who has come across the Batman v Superman actor speaks of him possessing a vast resource of knowledge and of course, his inadvertent modesty even under the searing floodlight of global fame. And when it comes to the career that has so far blessed him and the audience simultaneously, Henry Cavill is not one to bow down to the pressure or the diligence required of him to truly embody his assigned character in the live-action world of cinema and television.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

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Dwayne Johnson Concedes to Henry Cavill’s Superman Set

There isn’t a singular moment when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would mind fanboying over Black Adam and his ultimate love for DC and Superman. With the October 21st premiere of his DCU film, The Rock has definitively gifted back Henry Cavill to the deprived DC fandom but now that the film is out and Superman’s arrival has been confirmed, the former WWE champion has a thing or two to say about the future showdown that he has been so gloriously pining for. But even as he builds up to that narrative about DC, the workout regimen of Henry Cavill is something that immediately retracts The Rock’s focus back a notch.


“[Henry Cavill’s] workout regimen is pretty hardcore. We actually have the same strength and conditioning coach… This idea of Henry Cavill and I working out together for a possible showdown down the line is fun to say… A Black Adam [versus] Superman showdown is no doubt Earth shattering. But the truth is, that would be just a moment. We [at Seven Bucks Productions] are long term storytellers. And that Black Adam/Superman [arc] would just be a moment of a bigger, much bigger story, I think, that could be told and told the right way… So, myself and Henry Cavill, I’m sure we’ll get after it in the gym… and we will in fact break the internet.”

The Rock
The Rock

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In light of revelations about DCU and its possible upcoming storylines, The Rock’s suggestive plot points are not enough to raise theories other than the obviously predictable Black Adam vs Superman battle that was teased during the October film’s mid-credits scene. However, the fans do find hope in the promise of Cavill’s involvement going further down the road within the new and improved DCU.

The Rock Leaves No Stone Unturned for Henry Cavill’s Return

It has been a truth acknowledged that The Rock went above and beyond what was required of him to haul the lost treasure that is Henry Cavill back to DC as the unanimously beloved Superman. The “Superman of our generation” as he calls Cavill had been a gift of the most unexpected measure when Zack Snyder‘s dark, moody, and rebel hero took centerstage in what would become one of his three most treasured appearances in modern cinema.

Henry Cavill returns as DCEU's Superman
Henry Cavill returns as DCU’s Superman

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It was not surprising then to believe that talk of a shifting hierarchy would obviously accompany with itself the lost actor who had fallen the unwitting victim to in-house production politics. Perhaps it was David Zaslav himself who made the call, or it was The Rock who pushed the Warner Bros. Discovery chief to do it, but the executive decision to sign off on Henry Cavill’s return was truly a game changer, and the hierarchy that The Rock has so famously repeated over and over in interviews now rests on the shoulders of the Man of Steel and his expansive involvement in DCU.

Black Adam is now available for streaming on Prime Video, Vudu, and Apple TV+.


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