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Dwayne Johnson’s Forgotten Star Trek Role is Why His Fans Think He’s Perfect To Play Lead Role in Star Wars

Dwayne Johnson's Forgotten Star Trek Role is Why His Fans Think He's Perfect To Play Lead Role in Star Wars

Dwayne Johnson recently gave his fans a hint about his future plans. After taking his leave from DCU, the Black Adam star led his fans to guess which Star Wars character would be more suitable for him. Last month, Johnson shared a reel on his Instagram with John Williams’ Star Wars symphony playing in the background. Although he mentioned that he finds the music “fun and productive,” fans were quick to assume that The Rock is planning to move to George Lucas’ sci-fi world.

Dwayne Johnson on Black Adam Premiere
Dwayne Johnson on Black Adam Premiere

And this has led fans to revisit some of the Fast Five star’s wrestling moves during his special appearance on a Star Trek episode. And now it has also become the reason why they think he could be perfect to star in the Star Wars franchise.

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Dwayne Johnson’s Special Appearance in Star Trek

Prior to making his big Hollywood debut with the 2001 film The Mummy Returns, Dwayne Johnson showed off his wrestling and acting skills in Star Trek. He made a special appearance in the 15th episode of the sixth season as an alien wrestler. The episode was titled Tsunkatse.

Dwayne Johnson in Star Trek
Dwayne Johnson in Star Trek

The Jungle Cruise star got in the ring with one of the most popular characters of the series, Seven of Nine. While other actors used stunt doubles, The Rock did his own stunts on the show along with his signature move, The Rock Bottom.

And as the fans went through the episode one more time, they were also able to spot the infamous people’s eyebrow. The Red Notice star had other plans prior to James Gunn taking over the DCU. However, Dwayne Johnson took a step back as the new CEOs of DC Studios moved ahead with their plan.

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

As the Star Wars franchise gets ready for its upcoming chapters, fans are taking The Rock’s recent reel as a hint for his plans to join the popular science fiction franchise. However, the studio has not revealed anything about the Jumanji star joining the series.

Although nothing is confirmed at the moment, this is not the first time Johnson has sparked rumors to get cast in Star Wars. Back in 2013, the wrestler-turned-actor shared his ideas regarding the Star Wars characters.

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Dwayne Johnson Tried to Secure a Role in Star Wars

During the promotion of his 2013 film, G.I. Joe: Retaliation Dwayne Johnson shared that he was planning to contact JJ Abrams. In an interview with the Australian news service, he shared that he has been a fan of the franchise since childhood and would love to work with JJ Abrams on a Star Wars project.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

Soon after the interview, he shared a tweet saying that he wants to play “Jedi, Space Cowboy & Evil Sith all rolled into one.” However, seems like JJ Abrams did not like his idea, and fans are yet waiting for The Rock to appear in a Star Wars project.

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