Eddie Munson’s Return Teased? Sadie Sink’s Absence From Stranger Things Cast List Sparks Wild Speculation Among Fans

Eddie Munson or Max Mayfield? the redacted name on the 'Stranger Things' character list has left fans in a frenzy.

Eddie Munson's Return Teased? Sadie Sink's Absence From Stranger Things Cast List Sparks Wild Speculation Among Fans


  • Ross Duffer, recently confirmed that the filming of the final season of 'Stranger Things' will begin in January, 2024.
  • A list of characters appearing in the season 5 is out online with a redacted name.
  • The redacted name has sparked wild speculations among fans.
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Stranger Things is one of the greatest science fiction horror shows with astounding popularity. After the season 4 run, the showrunners are heading towards the show’s final season on Netflix.

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Stranger Things
Stranger Things

Created by the Duffer brothers, the Netflix show has an update for the 5th season, which will be a wrap of the hit show. Ross Duffer recently confirmed that the filming of the last season will begin in January, next year, while sharing the list of cast appearing in the final season.


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Stranger Things Season 5 Cast List Unveiled

A still from Stranger Things
A still from Stranger Things

Fans have anticipated for season 5 updates after the show’s fourth season, and the recent update is now out. The unveiled character list for season 5 includes Winona Ryder’s Joyce Byers, David Harbour’s Jim Hopper, and Eleven’s romantic interest Mike Wheeler, played by Finn Wolfhard. The show will also bring Natalia Dyer’s Nancy Wheeler and Charlie Heaton’s Jonathan Byers.


Of course, Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven is a definite cast for all seasons, and season 5 will feature Brown’s iconic character again with Caleb McLaughlin’s Lucas Sinclair, fan-favorite Dustin Henderson played by Gaten Matarazzo, and Noah Schnapp’s Will Byers.

Also, fans will get to see Karen Wheeler (Cara Buono), Steve Harrington (Joe Keery), Maya Hawke’s Robin Buckley, and Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman). The list, however, scrapped one name, and that could be Sadie Sink’s Max Mayfield. Also, a key member of the Hellfire Club in the series, Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) is not confirmed yet, and he could be in the scrapped part as well.


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Fans Reacted to The New Character List

Eddie Munson and Max Mayfield
Eddie Munson and Max Mayfield in Stranger Things

The redacted name in the list left Stranger Things fans in a frenzy. As the list is out, fans have speculated wild theories and the guess game and commented whose name could be behind the black marker.


Right now, it is only a guess game. Although speculation hints at two characters more than others, it is too early to judge. Perhaps there will be an updated list with the inclusion of more characters as the project develops. As filming of the 5th season of Stranger Things will begin in January, the show is expected to land on Netflix in early 2025.

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