Edgar Wright: Most Celebrated Movies Of The Acclaimed Director, Ranked

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When it comes to movies, Edgar Wright is one of the most skillful directors and filmmakers of all time. He is a person who enjoys his job and gives his best out of it. During the promotion of his latest film, “Last night in Soho,” he talked about the movies he loved. He also specified the movies that kept him inspired all over the years. The thing came in trend when wright was seen answering the questions on Reddit posts about his movies.

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Promotion: Last Night in Soho

Wright about the most-watched movies

wright reveals his most watched movies
These are the movies he watched more than others

People familiar with Edgar Wright’s filmmaking are likely to guess his list. During the Q&A, Edgar Wright revealed the movies he’s watched more than others. Wright said, “I’m not sure what movie I’ve watched the most in my life.” However, after that justification, Wright revealed a complete list of amusing gems, which also include a cult classic among them.

The list includes a Cult Classic

The list of his most watched movies
Phantom of The Paradise

Phantom of The Paradise has always been Edgar Wright’s interesting picks. He also stated that he has watched 2001: A Space Odyssey, An American Werewolf in London, This is Spinal Tap!, Phantom of the Paradise, Airplane!, and 1976’s Carrie more than any other film. Still, Phantom of The Paradise is his specified favorite as it has, unlike features that today’s filmgoers have ever seen. In addition, the soundtrack by Paul Williams gave it an unforgettable significance.


Phantom of The Paradise has a kind fanbase

Phantom Of The Paradise (1974) - Official Trailer (HD) - YouTube
An ignored film got its fame several years later.

Edgar Wright said that the film didn’t get the expected fame from the people back in 1974. It was ignored by the audience back then. But thanks to the kind audience who gave it the desired fame and success years later. Edgar Wright has admitted to being surprised by the love Phantom of The Paradise has received.

Edgar Wright has always been a fervent admirer of this 1974 cult classic. He’s seen speaking about this movie multiple times in the past and also hosted the screening of the movie in 2016.


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