10 Reasons Why Edward Scissorhands Was A Bad Movie

Edward Scissorhands is a timeless classic by Tim Burton. Most of us turn toward this movie during the holiday season and enjoy the eerie thrill with our loved ones. Even though its a classic movie, many moments raise questions about whether it was a bad movie. These are the 10 reasons why Edward Scissorhands was a bad movie. 

When Peg found Edward in his villa, he lived alone there. However, the story-line has a twist as Edward’s inventor dies, and he doesn’t call the morgue to get rid of the corpse. So he was not living alone but with the corpse, which is highly disturbing. 

Being Edward Scissorhands
Edward Scissorhands with his inventor

The annoying aspect of the movie is Joyce’s character. When Edward appears at her house, Joyce finds him exciting because he is different. Joyce not only seduces him but she crosses the line where it becomes a sexual assault. This needs to be talked about more even today and her sinister needs are not okay!

Edward Scissorhands giving haircut to Joye
Edward Scissorhands giving haircut to Joyce

Edward’s body is a mix of human anatomy and mechanical components. It is strange as Edward eats food, but it is unclear where it goes and how it excretes from his body. In one scene, Long Island Iced Tea causes a mechanical glitch in the body (he later vomits it). However, he seems fine while eating other foods. 

 Edward- Dinner
Edward at the dinner table

Peg cares about Edward, but her neighbor sees him as nothing more than a tool for cutting lettuce, cutting hedges, and caring for dogs. Edward may have scissors in his hand, but he is still human. The darkest part is that his inventor may have been thinking of him as a tool all the time.

Truth hurts, but not as much as getting fingered by Edward
Edward trimming the garden

Kim’s meet with Edward is a terrifying view for the viewers. She returns home early from a camping trip, and when she sleeps on the bed, she finds a leather-clad man with razor-sharp blades as his hands.  

Edward Scissorhands in Kim's room
Edward in Kim’s room

Kim tries to hide the truth from her neighbors. When Edward kills Jim by stabbing him in his chest and throwing him out the window, Kim tells the townspeople that Edward and Jim killed each other. Then she lived for decades with this lie. 

Edward Scissorhands Was Too Pure for This World
Edward Scissorhands killed Kim’s boyfriend

The emotional end is when Edward is locked up for eternity. Finally, after making full use of Edward, the townspeople are happy to get Edward out of town. Edward was a scapegoat of bad behavior for everyone else.

Edward locked up
Edward Scissorhands locked up

Even our kind-hearted protagonist, Peg, is not safe from the social focus on beauty and perfection. Sure, she doesn’t judge Edward, and her compassion is inspiring, but one of her first attempts is to fix Edward’s injured face. But, unfortunately, she becomes more interested in covering his face than finding a way to prevent him from accidentally cutting his face.

Peg correcting Edward's face
Peg with Edward

One of the confusing parts of the film is that the inventor lived in a spooky mansion, creating wild machines and humanoids, and no one knew his backstory. It is unbelievable that the rumor that “a mysterious scissors boy living in the Haunted Mansion” is not transmitted to the townspeople until Peg arrives.

Edward inside haunted mansion

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