Eiichiro Oda May Have Beautifully Depicted the Straw Hat Pirates as Parts of a Solar System in One Piece

Popular Fan Theory Suggests Eiichiro Oda Depicted The Straw Hat Pirates As The Planets of The Solar System.

eiichiro oda may have beautifully depicted the straw hat pirates as parts of a solar system in one piece


  • Among the most influential characters in the story are those who belong to the Straw Hat Pirates, led by Monkey D. Luffy, and who have all made their marks in the ongoing One Piece story.
  • Following their victory over the Beast Pirates, the Straw Hat Pirates have been dubbed the Yonko Crew.
  • According to a fan theory, One Piece's Straw Hat Pirates may have been portrayed by Eiichiro Oda as a component of the solar system.
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The main cast of One Piece, the Straw Hat Pirates, recently accomplished a significant milestone as they were able to defeat the formidable Beasts Pirates and were granted the status of a Yonko crew. This crew, which is led by Monkey D. Luffy, the Fifth Emperor of the Sea, is home to some of the most powerful characters in the narrative, all of whom have established themselves in the ongoing One Piece narrative.


The crew consists of Usopp – The Sniper, Brook – The Musician, Chopper – The Doctor, Nami – The Navigator, Franky – The Shipwright, Nico Robin – The Archaeologist, Jinbe – The Helmsman, Sanji – The Chef, Roronoa Zoro – The Swordsman, and finally Monkey D. Luffy – The Captain.

one piece
One Piece – Straw Hat Pirates

Recently a fan theory has surfaced online which suggests that Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the series may have beautifully depicted the Straw Hat Pirates as a part of the solar system in One Piece as a symbolism.


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Straw Hat Pirates Represent The Solar System

Since the Straw Hat Pirates defeated the Beast Pirates and Big Mom, they have gained the status of the Yonko Crew and have made a big name for themselves. The fight between Kaido and Luffy also brought out the fact that he is the Sun God Nika and has a significant impact on the plot and will continue to have a major influence in the future.

One Piece
The Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece

A theory has been making the rounds on the internet that claims each straw hat has some connection to a planet in our solar system because Luffy is the sun god. There are nine planets in all, including Pluto, and nine straw hats in all, omitting Luffy.


This depicted Luffy as the sun of his small solar system, with the planets encircling him as his crew. This theory somewhat makes sense as Oda san has a habit of hiding symbolism behind characters and connecting them to important aspects of the world, be it history or astronomy.

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Straw Hat Pirates And The Planets They Represent

According to the theory, each Straw Hat represents a planet. Usopp represents Mercury said to be the messenger of Gods. Nami represents Venus as the Goddess of Beauty. Chopper represents Earth as he deals with herbs and medicines and is a reindeer. Franky represents Mars as the God of War because of his expertise and weapons.

The Straw Hat Pirate Crew
The Straw Hat Pirates

Zoro represents Jupiter as he is the King or the Leader of Gods, just like Zoro is the king of hell. Robin represents Saturn as the God of agriculture/time and she is an archeologist trying to figure out the void century. Sanji represents Uranus as the God of the Sky. Jinbei represents Neptune as the God of the Sea and finally Brook represents Pluto as the God of death/rebirth.

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