Eiichiro Oda Reveals the Strongest Form of Luffy Yet That Can Even Beat Shanks But He Still Has One Major Weakness

Luffy's Gear 5 May Be Much Stronger Without Its Major Weakness.

Eiichiro Oda Reveals the Strongest Form of Luffy That Can Even Beat Shanks But He Still Has One Major Weakness


  • The whole anime industry, and especially One Piece fans, were surprised by a panel that appeared in the most recent chapter of One Piece 1108.
  • In this panel, Luffy was shown menacing Saturn and Kizaru by restricting them with his hands.
  • All of this occurred when Luffy became upset and stopped smiling during the Gear 5 mode, which had never previously been observed.
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The latest chapter in One Piece 1108 featured a panel that has shocked the entire anime industry and especially One Piece fans as it featured Luffy taking control of the fight involving him against Kizaru and Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. This panel showed Luffy threatening Saturn and Kizaru by holding them alone with his hands.

Egghead Island Arc
Egghead Island Arc – One Piece

This is a truly terrifying panel as it highlights the strength of Luffy in Gear 5 mode. The previous feats of Gear 5, although they had some interesting power-ups, they also showed his weakness. However, this latest panel has unlocked an entirely different aspect that fans were not expecting at all so early in the finale saga.

All of this happened when Luffy got angry and stopped smiling during the Gear 5 mode, which was never before seen. Thus, just like his other forms, it brings out the possibility that Luffy becomes much terrifying and strong when he stops smiling and gets serious for a fight against his enemy. While it is certainly the next level to his powers. It also reveals one of his major weaknesses.


Luffy’s Gear 5 Shows New Level of Power

The sight of a massive, enraged Gear 5 Luffy commanding not only an admiral but also a completely transformed demon-form Gorosei is truly amazing. This is most likely the first time fans have seen him truly upset on Egghead, as well as in Gear 5. The grin we see when he threatens Kizaru and Saturn is genuinely menacing and not in the least ridiculous. 

He doesn’t even smile when he seizes the two world government powerhouses. It’s logical for one to believe that neither Big Mom nor Kaido would have been able to entirely tackle two of One Piece’s best characters by themselves. But when fans start comparing Luffy with some of the strongest characters in the narrative, it already tells us how powerful he has become. 

Luffy Fighting Kizaru and Saturn at the Same Time
Luffy Fighting Kizaru and Saturn at the Same Time

Luffy’s victory over Kaido in a one-on-one match and his ability to fight on a par with an admiral and a Gorosei, all while appearing to be uninjured, is a true testament to his status as one of the four emperors and should cause other Yonkos to reconsider their plans to attack him in the future, thus making him equal to the likes of Shanks and Blackbeard.


Major Weakness of Luffy’s New Power Revealed

As Luffy adjusts to Gear 5, it will be expected that he is going to keep awakening and acquiring more and more powerful abilities. Fans get a pretty good picture of why the authorities feared this devil fruit and its return so much due to its dreadful powers by witnessing how powerful he becomes when he gets serious. 

Gear 5 Monkey D. Luffy - One Piece
Gear 5 Monkey D. Luffy

If anything, Luffy only needs to reconsider to be a bit more serious about everything using Gear 5. Considering that it was necessary for Kizaru to fatally hurt one of Luffy’s buddies (Vegapunk) before he began to take this situation seriously, it reveals that although Luffy is strong when he is happy and excited, he is much stronger when he takes things seriously.

Therefore, it can be said that Luffy not getting serious when he is fighting someone strong may result in him getting seriously injured or losing his crewmates. Thus, his emotions during his fight might hold some importance in the future of the One Piece story.


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