Elden Ring’s Upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree’s Single Piece of Artwork May Actually Give the Setting, Character, and Story Away

Fans have come up with more Shadow of the Erdtree theories, going by what's on the artwork.

Elden Ring's Upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree's Single Piece of Artwork May Actually Give the Setting, Character, and Story Away


  • Fan theories based on the artwork for Shadow of the Erdtree deduce the fate of the Erdtree and the DLC setting.
  • The theory about the character in the artwork seen riding a steed is that it could be Miquella, having come out of his long slumber.
  • As for the setting, the DLC is theorized to either show players the origin of the Erdtree or the aftereffects of a destroyed Erdtree.
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Elden Ring‘s first DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, is speculated to come out sometime later this year, and fans have been waiting with bated breath for it. The DLC was revealed in February last year, revealing nothing much apart from an artwork and a quote asking players to look forward to new adventures in The Lands Between.


As fans continue to wait, they have been replaying Elden Ring multiple times and have come up with several theories as they try to speculate on what the DLC could be based on. One of those theories revolves around the artwork that was released when the DLC was announced.

Character Seen in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree Artwork

Fans are waiting impatiently for Elden Ring's DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, expected to be released soon.
Fans are waiting impatiently for Elden Ring‘s DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, which is expected to be released soon.

Elden Ring‘s upcoming DLC Shadow of the Erdtree‘s official artwork shows the Erdtree from afar, with a character looking at it from a field, sitting on what looks like Torrent, the Spirit Steed, or a similar steed.


The artwork features a strange figure riding a steed, which is being argued by several fans as being Malenia’s twin brother, Miquella of the Haligtree. Miquella is a demigod and remains a background character in Elden Ring who gets cursed to remain young forever.

Miquella is seen slumbering inside a cocoon after players slay the Lord of Blood, Moghwyn. Going by the theories, the DLC could be based either on Miquella’s dreaming stasis or it could be that Miquella comes out of his nap in the DLC.

Fans have also theorized Queen Marika the Eternal, the mother of the twins, as the other possibility of the one seen riding the steed in the artwork, going just by her looks matching the character in the artwork.


Rotting Erdtree and Setting of the DLC

Elden Ring is itself the source of the Erdtree in the game.
Players could either see the end of the Erdtree or its origins in the upcoming DLC.

The Erdtree itself is another topic of fan theory, which mentions how it looks to be rotting. One of the two possible endings of Elden Ring sees the players either burning down the Erdtree or leaving that task to someone else.

While the Erdtree looks ethereal and glowing in the game, the one in the artwork looks different. It could be that the one in the DLC is a different version of the Erdtree too. Looking at the Erdtree in the artwork, it’s highly likely that the DLC takes place after the events of Elden Ring‘s story after The Tarnished has burned down the Erdtree, which could explain the dead look of the tree.

Another possibility from the same theory is that the DLC could be a prequel that could give players a look at the origins of Erdtree and Marika, which remain a mystery to players.


As days go by, there could be more fan theories until a proper trailer for the DLC clears the air about what to expect.

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