Elden Ring, Skyrim & Half-Life 2 are Just the Start of these Incredible Video Game LEGO Sets

These fictional LEGO sets need to become a reality!


  • Elden Ring is a title that has redefined the sphere of SoulsBorne games due to the rich world-building and engaging lore apart from the amazing gameplay.
  • LEGO sets from the game's famous Academy of Raya Lucaria and it is incredibly detailed and a delight to look at.
  • Other titles like the Witcher 3, Skyrim, Final Fantasy XVI, Half-Life 2, Zelda Tears of the Kingdom also had architectures
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Elden Ring is a title that players can seemingly not get enough and for good reason. The game is vast, has a prosperous world, and the gameplay, the USP of every FromSoftware game, continues to breach the ceiling set by previous titles.


LEGO is a company that releases sets based on artifacts from the world’s most popular media; now, some individuals have put a lot of thought into it and have released digitally rendered 3D concepts of what LEGO sets based on many popular games would look like.

How would Elden Ring, Skyrim, and Half-Life 2 architects look like if they would come to LEGO?

Elden Ring's Academy of Raya Lucaria takes the form of a LEGO set in this render.
Elden Ring‘s Academy of Raya Lucaria takes the form of a LEGO set in this render.

Originally posted by the website Guide Strats as a blog and amplified by a press release by Neomam Studios in a press release. The first imagined LEGO set concept is of the Academy of Raya Lucaria from Elden Ring.


Elden Ring fans will instantly recognize Raya Luarica’s Academy when they see it for the first time. Raya Lucaria, in the Elden Ring lore, the building, which is vintage architecture, once served as an echo chamber for individuals worldwide to learn about and experiment with mystic forces.

 The Elden Ring-inspired LEGO is expansive, to say the least, and will most definitely take some time to complete as it is imagined to contain a whopping number of 5,363 bricks. Elden Ring fans will most certainly remember the powerful bosses waiting to unleash their wrath on the player as and when they reached this phenomenal work in architecture. One of them is the infamous Rennala, who engages in an epic battle with the player not just once but twice.

Skyrim is still as relevant as it was, Dragonsearch is a very memorable structure from the game.
Skyrim is still as relevant as it was; Dragonsreach is a memorable structure from the game.

Skyrim is undoubtedly part of one of the most popular Bethesda series ever. It was revolutionary and is still relevant among players waiting for Elder Scrolls 6 to drop in the upcoming years. The world of Skyrim is filled with fantastic creatures and rich architecture.


One of the game’s most popular architectures is Dragonsreach, the next imagined LEGO set build. The architecture stands out in a royal shade of brown. Also, for novices and intermidats to building LEGO sets, it is accessible as it comes in at a reasonable 2,325 pieces.

Gordon Freeman's and Half-Life 2 was an amazing series.
Gordon Freeman’s and Half-Life 2 was a fantastic series.

For fans of Gordon Freeman and the Half-Life series is the upcoming imagined Lego Set of the famous Citadel from the game. In the game’s world, the mammoth of a building is the citadel. The Citadel in Half-Life 2 was imagined to be standing 8,430 feet, only 1,450 feet shy of Mount Everest.

This royal castle from Final Fantasy XVI is detailed and even has swimming pools.
This royal castle from Final Fantasy XVI is detailed and has swimming pools.

Next is a literal palace called Altissia from Square Enix’s famous RPG title, Final Fantasy XV. The set has a staggering 10,580 pieces, nearly equal to that of the 31203 LEGO Art World Map officially available. It is reportedly the most giant LEGO set ever to be released officially. The set is very detailed, with the Golden Domes from the official architecture in the title, swimming pools, and every little detail one can expect.


Speaking of RPGs, one has to think about the The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, theblockbusted title released on Nintendo Switch and was celebrated by the players and reviewers for its fantastic world and mechanics.

Tears of the Kingdom is a very celebrated title and this LEGO set looks very close to the in-game model.
Tears of the Kingdom is a celebrated title, and this LEGO set looks very close to the in-game model.

The next imagined LEGO set is of the Temple of Time from the title. Coming in at 1,845 LEGO pieces, the temple levitates in the game, and the LEGO set captures this by placing the temple platform on top of transparent tube pieces. The impressive set is complete with Clouds, flowers, staircases, and every other detail one can expect.

The Witcher 3 Kaer Mohan's rendered LEGO set looks majestic.
The Witcher 3 Kaer Mohan’s rendered LEGO set looks majestic.

There is also a LEGO set from The Witcher 3, the famous Kaer Morhen, which is a set imagined by the website to come in at 2,385 pieces. This is where the Witchers belonging to the School of the Wolf, like Geralt, underwent training in their craft.


Which of these would you want to buy if they ever come out? Let us know in the comment section below!

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