Elden Ring: Twin Dragons Build is How You Become as Overpowered as Zoro from One Piece

Fans have started making Roronoa Zoro build in Elden Ring, and it is way too overpowered to begin with.

Elden Ring: Twin Dragons Build is How You Become as Overpowered as Zoro from One Piece


  • Elden Ring allows its players to have a variety of builds, made possible by its huge number of weapons and items available.
  • One such overpowered build is of Roronoa Zoro from One Piece, focusing on a blood loss build.
  • The main power to this build comes from two Uchigatanas equipped with Seppuku Ash of War.
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The game of Elden Ring allows its players to experiment with what kind of weapons and build they want to make in the game, with the only limitation being their imagination and creativity. This allows players to not only make some overpowered builds but also allows them to often go for style points.


Many builds are showcased online that are inspired by famous characters from fantasy series, and one such example is the Berserker Guts build from the really popular Berserk manga franchise. However, what’s even more famous and seems to be overpowered at the same time is the Roronoa Zoro build from the world of One Piece.

Swordsman Zoro
Roronoa Zoro | One Piece


What makes this particular build special is how it manages to capture the essence of the character perfectly, making sure to use dual-wielding katanas to imitate the green-haired character from One Piece.

How To Make The Roronoa Zoro Build In Elden Ring?

To start with, we need to analyze the character of Zoro and his abilities in his respective franchise. He is notably seen with two or more swords at once, making it our prime focus. We would also be putting more care into making our build a dexterity build, to have a faster build-up of blood loss.

We would primarily need to choose the samurai class when starting Elden Ring and then would need to obtain another Uchigatana, further equipping both of them with Seppuku Ash of War. These ashes of war will particularly give a great boost to our quest to achieve a boosted blood loss damage.

Uchigatana | Elden Ring
Uchigatana | Elden Ring


The player also needs to reach the statistics of 55 Dexterity and 40 Strength to utilize the build to its maximum potential properly. As mentioned before, the build will be focusing particularly on the blood loss damage, which is why scaling to dexterity is preferred.

Additional Items That Will Prove To Be Useful While Making Roronoa Zoro Build

While Uchigatanas and the aforementioned ash of war should prove to be enough, the addition of the White Mask helmet along with talismans such as Lord of Blood’s Exultation and Rotten Winged Sword Insignia would come in handy too. The White Mask Talismans increase the player’s attack power for a few seconds when they inflict blood loss on the enemy.

The Lord of Blood Exultation talisman works similarly, giving a boost of 20% attack power for 20 whole seconds when the player can inflict blood loss damage on the enemy. It is obtained from Esgar, the Priest of Blood in Leyndell Catacombs.

Lord of Blood's Exultation | Elden Ring
Lord of Blood’s Exultation | Elden Ring


Lastly, the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, earned after assisting Millicent and defeating her sisters in battles, increases attack power significantly after each successive attack in combination. There are many other possible combinations of talismans available that would likely boost this build in the same way, and is upon the player to explore and discover for themselves.

Elden Ring is available to purchase on Steam.

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